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  • Agate House

    Took a trip up to North Eastern Arizona last week to visit the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert.

    Here's a pano I took of Agate House in the Petrified Forest National Park:

    Agate House was built by the local Native Amerancs sometime between 1050 and 1300AD.
    The house was built from fossilized trees from the Petrified Forest.

    It was partially reconstructed in the 1930's but no further work has been done.
    As you can see from the surrounding countryside it is a flat, barren and desolate area but it also has its own stark beauty.

    Hope you enjoy.

    Rob vG
    Today is worth two tomorrows.

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    Re: Agate House

    More great work. That some really old wood hey? No nails needed here.
    You should have included the plaque stand in the pano - we can see the back side but not the front side.
    Your work has improved vastly - now might by the time to work on a cool (or hot) nadir cap for your panos.


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      Re: Agate House

      Yes, it would have been nice to have the front of the plaque stand in the pano, but, as you can see from the
      shadows, standing in front of it would have cast deep shadows on it.
      My time was limited and I didn't have the time available to go back later in the day to reshoot it.
      Covering Petrified Forest and Painted Desert in half a day limited my shooting time somewhat.

      Will probably get around to doing a new cap once I have gotten my move out of the way.
      No time for photography, or anything else until the move is done and the new house is in order.

      Today is worth two tomorrows.