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Deep Zoom panorama of downtown Houston, TX

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  • Deep Zoom panorama of downtown Houston, TX

    Hello all,

    I got my Nodal Ninja a few months back, and have since become accustomed to shooting 360s using either my 10-22 Canon lens or the 10-17 Tokina Fisheye. In any case, this is all well and good, but I enjoy shooting flat panoramas, too. When I learned of Silverlight 3 & Deep Zoom Composers first production release back on July 23rd, I had to give Silverlight & Deep Zoom a shot ĶĶ

    My normal shooting philosophy of it couldnt possibly be wide enough for me, lead me to love 360 and pano work, however Deep Zoom opens my eyes to a whole other world of possibilities for large content. So a couple weeks back, I strapped my 28-135 on my 40d, set it to 70mm, and shot 22 portraits wide by 4 tall, to give me a 1.2-gig, 416-megapixel (~39,000 x 10,600) pano. I used the NN5 w/ RD16 Rotator set to 3.5 degrees, I believe. It generated control points surprisingly well, with pretty minimal correction necessary after analyzing the image in PTGui Pro.

    Ill be the first to admit that its not perfect. The sun light changing through the scene made some blends tricky, and there are a couple traffic stitch discrepancies, but all in all Im pretty happy with this one. Most importantly, I know where I made mistakes, and I understand a lot more about the process, so my next one should be more of a pleasure than a challenge. Maybe it'll be my first gigapixel 8-]

    Downtown Houston Deep Zoom Panorama -->

    (scroll mouse wheel to zoom in/out, & full screen using the icon @ the top right corner of the image)


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    Re: Deep Zoom panorama of downtown Houston, TX

    Hi Ben,

    It looks great. What is the file size of your pano? Can it be displayed in flash format? I have to install MS Silverlight which is 4.7MB of download.

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      Re: Deep Zoom panorama of downtown Houston, TX

      Howdy Nick. When you view that panorama, you're streaming content from a 1.26 Gig image.

      I suppose I should consider a Flash-based export of the project using Zoomify Express or Openzoom, but I haven't yet created such an export. From the get-go, I wanted to design this particular project around Microsoft Live Labs' Deep Zoom engine, because of its slick, streaming output capabilities. Unlike the Flash-based deep-field browsers I've seen, Deep Zoom is fluid, with no jerkiness at all.

      A major inspiration for creating my own project, came from a panorama I'm sure folks' on this forum have heard about or run across, and that's the Deep Zoom Yosemite National Park project. Pretty fluid for a 45-gigapixel image with near-zero loading time.