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errors in my spherical panorma

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  • errors in my spherical panorma


    After days trying... I have made a spherical panorma.

    I am using the following :

    nikon d200 with tokina 12-24
    nn3 + rd8 rotator

    And this software :


    But its not perfect.. I am having troubles stitching the panorama, mostly PTGui can stich almost all the images, except for the nadir and zenith photo. I give the control points in by myself in that way. (why ptgui doesn't see the control points of the nadir and zenith?)

    After doing that, ptgui makes the panorama, and I make a 360 movie of it with pano2vr.

    For example, you can download it here :

    As you see there are errors in the ceiling, some "broken" lines.

    How can I make a panorama with no errors ??

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    Re: errors in my spherical panorma

    Stitching errors such as those in the ceiling can be due to a variety of causes. The camera may not be accurately positioned on the panohead. There may be badly placed control points, or there may not be a good spread of control points automatically generated. It helps if you can manually place extra control points in the vicinity of the stitching errors. If you are running PTGui in the Simple mode via the Project Assistant, you should switch into Advanced mode (button on the right). Select the Optimizer tab. In the Minimize lens distortion box, select "Heavy + lens shift". You should then get an improved optimization and better alignment.