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Blending 360 Panos?

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  • Blending 360 Panos?

    I Have been demoing PTGUI and AutoPano. I have been using Hugin for a while. I'm also demoing Pano2VR.

    I am new to 360 panos and I have a problem that I thought you might be able to help with. My goal is to create 360 HDR VR panos.

    I'm using a canon 1d MKIII and a Tokina 10-17 fisheye set at 12mm on a NN 5. I shot 3 bracked images for each position.

    My problem is that I have only found one way to do this and get a 360 VR that does not have a vertical seem where the two ends of the pano meet. If I use PTGui to stitch and do the HDR tone mapping there is no seem if I choose a Spherical 360x180 projection.

    However if I ask PTGui to output the non-tonemapped hdr file and tone map the file in Photomatix I get a seem where the ends of the pano meet.

    Also AutoPano's hdr output has a seem no matter what as does Hugin's. Seems like even the LDR panos I create with autopano or hugin have this seem. If I choose the 360x180 projection in PTgui there is no seem.

    I woudl really like to be able to use Photomatix to tone map my HDR images as I have been using it for some time and I really like their interface and result.

    So Am I stuck, do i have to blend this seem in photoshop?

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    Re: Blending 360 Panos?

    Hi Stuman,

    i also have exactly the same problem.

    my guess is the blending and hdr processing creates the transparent pixels at both edges of the image. I don't have a clue about how this could happen though....

    You might want to flatten your final equirectangular hdr image before creating vr using pano2vr.

    If the seam is still visible, you can try manually touching up both edges of your equirectangular image.
    In my case, i zoomed to 1600% or 3200% so that i can see where the pixels is nearly transparent (this is what causing the seam to be visible). Clone stamp-ing that area solved my problem just perfect...

    hope this helps..

    Riefa Istamar


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      Re: Blending 360 Panos?

      Thanks for the respobce Riefa, but it is more then just a few transparent pixels.

      What I'm seeing is a pretty big difference in brightness or exposure in where the two ends of the panorama meet. It is like the software is blending from left to right and when it down't try to match up the two ends?


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        Re: Blending 360 Panos?

        HA!!! posting this made me think of something and I figured it out!

        Photomatix has an option in it's tone mapping for 360 deg images that you have to check off. I ran another test and check this option and there is no seem! Sweet.

        By the way seems to me like the HDR in PTGui is way better then how AutoPano does it. I ran a test doing a 360 image with three bracketed exposures and the .hdr file output from AutoPano the windows were all blown out. I used the same sourse images in PTGui and the .hdr file output was much better, you could see what was outside the windows.

        Seems like PTGui and Autopano are both great products but they each do somethings better then the other. Maybe I'll buy both Not


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          Re: Blending 360 Panos?

          FYI, I have also noticed that using some filters in photoshop will cause this sort of seem. I used Topaz Labs Adjust and it has an adaptive exposure option. When you use this option is changes the exposure based on regions in the photo and it will cause the sort of seem I described earlier.


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            Re: Blending 360 Panos?

            These effects at the wrap join can happen with a variety of tools in Photoshop that make global adjustments - notably the shadow/highlight tool and the blender in CS3/CS4. One solution is to copy the image and paste it onto one end. Make the adjustment and then crop to the central part.