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New guy trying to start a side business / hobby.

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  • New guy trying to start a side business / hobby.

    I am new to the forum and new to panoramic photography. There is great info on here. I am still in search of purchasing the software. The equipment i plan to use is the NN3 MKII with a Nikon D80 and Nikon 10.5mm fish eye lens. My biggest question was how people got started in actually selling these virtual tours. I want to start off easy by creating virtual tours of homes for sale so the stiching can be easier with no moving objects. Once i have created these files do you just sell them to real estate agents or do you have to host them on a website? Or maybe you just charge for the service and they have the rights to the file you created? Are there any major legal issues with starting this type of business?

    i am in search of my first home as well and asked my realtor about these virtual tours and they do have a company they use but they only do "Luxury Homes" and they are pretty expensive from what she told me. so i figure i could be at a much lower price point and not discriminate on non "luxury homes".

    Thanks again for your response.

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    Re: New guy trying to start a side business / hobby.



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      Re: New guy trying to start a side business / hobby.

      Hi, maybe this forum is too oriented to NodalNinja panoheads, rotators, so on.
      I reccomend you to join panoguide forum
      also the The PanoTools Next Generation list is a great comunity of many helpful people

      Surelly there are pros there having great experience in legal issues and realtor as well.



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        Re: New guy trying to start a side business / hobby.

        There is no magic plan that works for everyone with so many variables, including regional demographics, that come in play. You have the right hardware and Easypano is a good software solution for creating the VT's. But as with any business you need a business plan. The 3 key aspects to any business is research, research and research. There is no shortage of people doing this for a living and many are very successful. But the odds are stacked against you as 8 of 10 new businesses fail in the first 3 years. The 20% that pull through and earn steady profit have a plan in place that works. And chances are they are not to willing to share their detailed secrets to a success plan after they did all the hard work in getting themselves to that point.
        Hit the books on starting and running a business, contact your local chamber of commerce, ask for assistance from your local small business development center, contact the Better Business Bureau and consult legal advise to learn your rights and obligations. Being a service orientated business you'll be working with the public so you'll be dealing with all sorts of people - they expect you to deliver what you promise. Because you will be entering peoples homes you will also need insurance in the unlikely event you knock over an expensive lamp or damage property on site - very important when shooting luxury homes.

        Good luck