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  • Rotator

    I've been using the RRS system for some time now. Main reason was my cameras (Nikon - heavy & full frame for most work & Pentax - light & small frame for alpine shots) have the L clamps and the RRS ball headed tripod has the quick release clamp. Changing to the (better for dedicated panorama shooting) Ninja system would have meant carrying two tripods if shooting both stills and panos. The only irritating thing about the RRS (besides cost) was the lack of any click stops on the rotator for faster shooting.

    Has anyone tried mouting the RRS rail to one of your Rotators; or even better, perhaps mounting a compatible clamp onto the Rotator? If so, which Rotator should I buy to mount on the ballhead?

    Or would it be better and possible to adapt an entire Ninja system with some form of arca clamps for both the ballhead and the camera?
    Greg P

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    Re: Rotator

    YOu can mount a RRS clamp on the rotator with a M6 screw and a piece of hard cork sheet (available upon request). We are also developing Arca Swiss compatible clamps for the rotators as well.

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      Re: Rotator

      Thank's for the reply. Any time frame on the rotator clamp? I'll keep checking in the announcement section. I'll purchase both when available.