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I put an SPH2 on a monopod...

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  • I put an SPH2 on a monopod...

    I put an SPH2 on a monopod. It makes for a very light and portable system. I took the rotator off and used the top knob of the rotator to fix the SPH2 on the 1/4x20 thread of the monopod so I can put it on/off quickly. Usually I just leave it on.

    The mm scales on the SPH2 are about the same as on my NN3 so I can use the same offsets I use on my NN3 for the SPH2.

    Here's a couple of pictures. The thing on the lower part of the monopod is a Manfrotto pole level. When I pack it up, I point the camera straight up and put a cloth bag on it and stuff the whole thing in the pack. It only takes a minute to set up. The lens is a cheapo Soligar fisheye. I haven't weighed it but the whole thing -- camera, lens, monopod, SPH2 -- can't weigh much more than two pounds.

    Here's a couple of pictures.

    And here's a test pano I did with the fisheye -- 6 around no down shot. Unpatched and poorly edited nadir. Still working on a qood quick way to do the nadir shot but you can see how small an area I was working in.

    And only if you are very brave and very lucky, you may be able to see it in my Java viewer which rarely runs on any body's machine.

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    Re: I put an SPH2 on a monopod...

    Looks pretty good!

    The java viewer took both a long time to load, ran fine in IE6 and was a little choppy in Firefox 3.0.8. I don't have any later versions of IE installed right now.