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Nikon D700 W/ currently used lenses

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  • Nikon D700 W/ currently used lenses

    Hello everybody,
    Its me again, back from several weeks of just bugging everyone on the pano2vr forums.
    I have another pretty basic question.
    Preface: I am currently using the NN# mkII, a Nikon D80, and a sigma 8mm f3.5 EX DG lens

    Bill's D300 for sale has really been tempting me for several weeks, and It seems that all of my local camera buddies are shooting 300s as well. But I'll be honest, I bought my D80 only about a year and a half ago and I already want to upgrade. I have recently been reading the reviews and the description of the D700 and am wondering If indeed I do buy another camera soon, should I just take the leap and go straight for the D 700?

    My biggest hesitation lies in the glass. I am a bit confused about weather my sigma 8mm will let me get the most out of a D700 until I can afford a new lens, or is it just going to be a waste of money to drop $2500 on a new camera body and continue to shoot through this lens. I have several lenses that I have been using on the D80 that I purchased a long time ago for my Nikon 8008s ( film camera) they seem to work just fine on the D80 but I don't know how they will translate to FX.

    I know that this is a bit off topic for the NN forums, but I have really grown to appreciate the advice and easy going attitudes from the members on this site. If anyone has any advice for me on this subject I would love to hear it. also If there are any experienced Crisis negotiators that would like to talk me down from the ledge of buying a new camera so soon after the D80 feel free to give it your best effort, just don't get too attached I have a pretty strong feeling I'm going to jump no matter what, I just don't know if I will jump from the 5th (D300) floor or the penthouse (D700)

    Thanks in advance for your comments, and as always I appreciate your time,

    Bill W.

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    Re: Nikon D700 W/ currently used lenses

    Dear Bill,

    your comparison with the penthouse is a very good one: because of the wide ISO Range of the D700 you will be able to take fotos in low light conditions you'd had never dreamed of. In your 5th floor you often sit in the shadow and might be you have no look around. Till ISO 3200 there is no noise, a Little with ISO 6400. You have seen the reviews. My Experience? Nikon D70S, Nikon D200, Nikon D300 for my girlfriend after i bought myself a D3. This was a real step cause of less restrictions from light conditions and slow shutter speeds. So i gave my old DX lenses with a new D300 to my girlfriend. She is a beginner. And now the "BUT": i had to buy new lenses for the FX sensor: 14-24mm, 24-70mm, and now could use my old 70-200mm with a great camera.

    So step into the penthouse, get new lenses step by step, the price for the D700 fell down, and try to afford a NN5 with leveler II. I had a manfrotto panohead, but the NN5 is like a Ferrari compared to a very old range rover, light nice and smooth against much more weight, oustanding screws and and sharp it can afford the weight of the D3 with 70-200/f2.8mm on top in all positions without movements of the camera on the upper rail lock!!!

    Good luck and enjoy your penthouse,