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  • NN is not only for panoramas ...


    I bought my NN3, with an EZ-Leveler, primarily to use when taking spherical panoramas with a Nikon body with a 10.5mm fisheye lens. It's excellent for this - light in weight and compact.

    However, I've recently taken to using it to hold my Canon G9 (an excellent alternative to an SLR if you're traveling light, by the way) when I'm shooting conventional photos of static subjects at its maximum telephoto settings - it goes up to 210mm in 35mm terms. The NN3 makes it really easy to get the framing just right, so much better than trying to aim the camera using a conventional tripod head. When setting it up I make sure that the camera's optical axis is aligned with the EZ-Leveler such that one of the three adjusters is immediately under the axis, either to the front or rear of the camera, it doesn't matter which. Then I rotate the tripod's center column to point the camera at the subject in the horizontal axis, fine tuning this if necessary by rotating the NN3's lower arm. I aim the camera in the vertical axis by adjusting the upper arm, and fine tune this using the EZ-Leveler. It's actually a lot simpler than it sounds in the above description and only takes a few seconds, and allows me to get the framing exactly as I want it.



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    Re: NN is not only for panoramas ...

    Hi Andrew,
    Sounds like you have a good work flow down - well done.