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Tripod shadows and web posting

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  • Tripod shadows and web posting

    I'm moving into my third week of being a hack photographer, and it seems that the more I learn, the less I know. This site has been invaluable in helping out with some questions that have spawned from inexperience, and I really appreciate everyone's down to earth and kind advice. Since the surveying business is slow around here ( especially the 3d laser scanning department) I have been looking into trying to piece together some virtual tours for a friend of mine that is a Realtor. My biggest challenge so far has been lighting, as most of the condos I have shot are new constructions and don't yet have permanent lighting installed. I have been having to use any natural light source possible, which has mainly been sunlight slamming into the room from a large window, sliding glass door or french doors. The photos have turned out fairly well for the most part but I cannot help but notice some long tripod shadows in a lot of the rooms. is there a way to combat this? should I take my hand held nadir shot from the down light direction? is using an external lighting source a better bet? I noticed a post from a beach hut on the sight from Drflash and while He mentioned he wasn't happy with his nadir shot I was in awe of the absence of a tripod shadow. Any advice would be much appreciated.

    secondly, I am using pano2qtvr to make my QTVRs, what is the best way to post these on the web, it looks like most people have sprung for the flash player version so I'm guessing the extra 38 bucks would be well worth it. ( mainly because I know there are people out there that are incapable of downloading quicktime viewer) do most people just load them on to photo bucket or flickr or is there something better out there that I need to learn about.

    sorry for the unrelated questions but didn't want to litter the site with my noob posts.

    Thanks again for everyone's help, I look forward to hearing your suggestions,

    Bill Wunderlich

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    Re: Tripod shadows and web posting

    I expect you've seen both of these pages, but I'll include them for the sake of all who see this thread:

    Rosauro's info is so well presented! This one blows me away too:

    If you have power, maybe you could use a strong light source to blow away some of the room's shadows, and even the tripod's. Color balance could be a problem though.... on sunny or cloudy days.

    Edmonton, Canada, Eh ?


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      Re: Tripod shadows and web posting

      I'm just starting to play around with the same thing myself. My solution, thus far, has been to use a flash with a big Gary Fong Lightsphere diffuser on it. Ideally you can put it close to above your nodal point. It really helps when you photograph windows so they don't get blown out in the highlights while also helping to minimize the long shadows. I think if you follow the links Wide-Eyed provided it will suggest blocking light only for the one shot that will have the long shadow in it.


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        Re: Tripod shadows and web posting

        Awesome Links and advice guys, I finally broke down and ordered a new tripod, that will allow me to do that. I have been using the tripod from my High def scanner set up, it was free for me because I already had it but I see now that I'm going to have to pay to play.
        I have a follow up question on posting my QTVRs to the web, is there a way to convert a quicktime vr into flash using one of the adobe products, I own cs3 with photo shop, illustrator, flash, and others. I will be happy to upgrade my pano2Qtvr to pano2vr for 40 bucks but I hate to spend the cheddar if I already have something that will do the job.

        Thanks again,