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Round Photo from Perspective View? Possible or Not

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  • Round Photo from Perspective View? Possible or Not

    I have a question that may not be easily answered.

    I have a subject building with a very large clear span dome and high sidewalls. I used my nodal ninja to photograph the inside of the building from the exact center of the building...

    This required a series of 48 photographs to capture the sidewalls and dome. I used Microsoft's new ICE software and it did a great job analyzing and stitching all 48 photos together with very few noticeable errors. I can do a 3D fly through and it looks great.

    Now to the beginning of the question... My client now wants a single photograph from the viewpoint of laying on your back in the center of the dome showing all the sidewalls and dome at the same time ( the same view when you rotate the fly through to this position. The final picture is to be round and mounted in a round frame. And now the rest of the question, is there a way to create a jpg image file from the panograph image that will yield the same image as the fly through? Or is there something else I can do that would work better? This is really a photo using all 48 images....

    Stumped in Maryland
    Carl Cimino

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    Re: Round Photo from Perspective View? Possible or Not

    Do you mean something like this stereographic projection? It was converted from a standard equirectangular projection with Flaming Pear's Flexify2 plugin for Photoshop. (And maybe just a touch of...)