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  • Recommendation's On Website Build ?


    Now that I have been creating some 360 Panos (QTVR), I want to be able to share them with friends and perhaps expand later into some commercial work. As I am yet unaware of any "flicker" type hosts for these giant files, I need to develop a website and choose a hosting service. I would want it to display mixed media and to have the ability to add or remove images and panos from home (I wont be doing the design/development myself as I currently know nothing about it).

    Consequently, I was looking for recommendations not only on how to proceed, but on what applications and services I should be looking into? Any thoughts or ideas are most welcome!
    -= PrOxY =-

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    Re: Recommendation's On Website Build ?

    Hi PrOxY,

    Here are my ideas about your problem as I'm both a hosting company and a panoramic photographer myself and not an HTML/website expert. If you look at my website ( I use wordpress to manage content of my website (pretty simple to use and install), with numerous themes and plugins so you can customise it at your wish. For display of panos I use KRPano that is really a great tool in Flash and pretty easy to use also

    Hope it helps you move in good direction

    Retired Nodal Ninja Distributor