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Multi Row Mosaic - How To?

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  • Multi Row Mosaic - How To?

    Hi all,

    I am new to panoramic photography and would like to know how to shoot multi row mosaic photos with the NN5.

    What software do you use to stitch the multi row photos?

    Any tips on technique and maybe a step by step tutorial would help me out tremendously.


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    Re: Multi Row Mosaic - How To?

    3 popular programs are autopano Pro, ptgui and ptassembler. The author of ptassembler is pioneer in high resolution mosaics.

    ptassembler has a good tutorial for making high resolution mosaic
    Its forum is here

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      Re: Multi Row Mosaic - How To?

      It's worth pointing out that none of the progams mentioned by Nick have any notion of rows and columns. All they care about is image overlaps, to enable the images to be aligned with each other and give seamless joins. The focal length of the lens will determine the horizontal and angles of view of the camera. (See calculator at Arrange for about 25% overlap of images when calculating the increments of horizontal angle of yaw and vertical angle of pitch to cover the desired total angle of view of the panoramic scene. You will of course have to compromise on these when using detents on the pano head.



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        Re: Multi Row Mosaic - How To?

        Try Microsoft's new ICE software (free download, but it looks like MS finally got something right). Load all your photos in the order they were taken and let the program put it all together.... Not much in the way of documentation but a day on the computer playing with it makes for nice photos....

        I just did a 48 frame photo with only 2 noticeable errors that I fixed quickly with a photo editor.

        Have fun Panographs rule