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What lens is good :confused1:?

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  • What lens is good :confused1:?

    Hi people,

    I wanna do the QTVR video {photography}, but considering if its possible to do it with lens 12-24 mm or it have to be just fisheye??
    I got Nikon D300 and lenses tokina 12-24 F4 and than Nikon 18-200.

    I got the message that i will need special tripod, but now I am not sure with lens.

    Thaaanks heaps for any information.

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    Re: What lens is good ?

    You can make full 360x180 degree spherical panoramas with almost any lens. The longer the focal length, the smaller the angular coverage and the more shots you need to cover the entire view. For a 12mm lens on the D300, you would need a minimum of 18 shots. (See for shooting requirements of various lenses). A fisheye lens can have an extremely wide angle of view and so you need fewer shots, e.g. 8 for a 10.5mm fisheye and 5 for an 8mm fisheye. Or even 2 shots for a 5.6mm fisheye. Generally speaking, the longer the focal length, the higher the resolution of the final stitched image (more pixels), but more shots = more work. You really need to decide what size of stitched image you want to produce and take it from there.



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      Re: What lens is good ?

      you right....

      because i took up the job for hotels, now doing photography of interiors {like room} and that why i bought that lens tokina 12-24 mm .....i think is good for that purpose. And also thinking to take up the QTVR video tour, because i think i can attract them more. to buy more services. {photos}, so i really think to buy good stuff for it.
      SO i got a tripod {my opinion its good - if you wanna have a look if is really good i can show the pic.} and probably need to buy fisheye. But which sigma 8mm F3,5 or nikon 10,5mm HMM///?
      and also you are probably expert, which L stand to choose?