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leveling questions, including the EZ Leveler II

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  • leveling questions, including the EZ Leveler II

    I've been leveling buy adjusting the tripod legs (essentially lightly kicking the legs in or out to level up).

    This takes longer than I like, and it inelegant. Also, I usually re-adjust when moving the tripod for the nadir shot (with a nadir adapter).

    So I'm thinking about the EZ Leveler II. Questions would be:

    - is it much faster than adjusting the legs? Or is it slower and simply more accurate? In other words, what is the advantage of the EZ Leveler?

    - will it take the weight when I use the nadir adapter (my camera / lens combination is 4lbs 9oz)? It isn't rated for more than 3.3 pounds, so I am concerned about breakage and/or significant deflection.


    PS: tried search, got a "server error" - so apologies if this has been asked and answered previously.

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    it is easier because it is more precise. You have more control.
    It can support the load. It won't break. Just you may need to re-level it in nadir adapter sung out position.

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      Definitively faster and easier to use than legs adjustment ! It's very simple and easy to use. You should have a look at user manual so you know how to use it at best:
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        Thanks for the replies! I have just ordered an EZ Leveller II "irregular".


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          The EZ Leveller has arrived.

          It is faster, and more precise (although I don't think the precision is required). It is also a lot more dignified than kicking tripod legs back-and-forth, and looks fantastic.

          Handles the D3X / 14-24mm just fine. It does sag on the nadir shot, but those have viewpoint correction anyway. Might be an issue on a rough outdoors surface (e.g., small boulders etc. in a natural environment), but indoors, and on grass etc, not a problem.

          Thanks again for the advice.

          I'm really liking Nodal Ninja as a company. I bought a 30-degree ring, chose the free shipping, and it showed up fairly quickly. Everything is well-made, looks great (even the irregulars), and works perfectly.


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            Depending on the tripod model and how you shoot, an EZ Leveler may or may not provide a benefit. The clamps on both my travel tripod (Induro CT014) and studio tripod (Manfrotto 055xb) are oh so very easy to adjust. The weight penalty of carrying around another piece of equpiment (the EZ Leveler) when hiking is not worth the convenience of quicker adjustment. It takes maybe 15 seconds to level the pano head adjusting the tripod legs. I have used the EZ Leveler in the past and it does a very nice job of leveling when the tripod does not have clamps that can be easily adjusted.


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              Dennis, thank-you for your thoughts. Everyone's needs are different - in my specific case:
              1) not hiking that much. Mostly commercial property.
              2) I like to see the level when adjusting, and can't do it while reaching for the tripod leg clamps (I have the same tripod you mention).
              3) arthritis makes it much better to stand and adjust rather than bend and adjust.


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                Originally posted by globemail View Post
                3) arthritis makes it much better to stand and adjust rather than bend and adjust.
                I feel your pain - literally. Getting old sucks.