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  • What product is right for me?

    Selecting the right pano-head can sometimes be a little challenging. We want to simply the process by giving you a basic breakdown of the design purpose of each of our series.

    NN3 Series:
    Level: Amateur - Semi Pro.
    Lenses: 8mm - 50mm focal length
    Features: Compact, Inexpensive, Durable
    Popular Uses: Real Estate, Travel, Hobbyist, Amateur
    Cameras: Compact, Micro Four Thirds, smaller DSLR's

    R Series:
    Level: Amateur - Pro - Google SV
    Lenses: Fisheye 4.5-17mm.
    Features: Smallest Pano Head, fits to lens not camera
    Popular Uses: Same workflow, Google Street Views, Real Estate, Poles
    Cameras: Any - fit based on lens

    NN6 Series (our most popular):
    Level: Amateur - Pro.
    Lenses: 8-200mm.
    Cameras: DSLR's, + Medium Format
    Features: Upper Rotator 7.5 stops or free rotation
    Popular Uses: Landscape, High Resolution, HDR

    M Series:
    Level: Semi pro - Pro.
    Lenses: M1 Series 8- 200+mm / M2 Series 8-400+mm
    Features: Arca-Swiss Modular Design, Upgrade paths
    Popular Uses: Landscape, High Resolution HDR
    Cameras: DSLR's, Medium Format

    Never hesitate to ask should you have any questions.
    All Fanotec products come with 30 day money back guarantee and full 5 year warranty (unless stated otherwise on item page).

    If you aren't packing a pano head you are missing out on serious potential. Visit us today -