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What is needed to use Sony a7 with 7.5 mm to do 360 panos

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  • What is needed to use Sony a7 with 7.5 mm to do 360 panos

    I'm about to purchase a Samyung 7.5 mm lens and the Nodal Ninja conversion kit for a Sony E-mount (F6228) I have a Sony a7 body to attach the 7.5 mm, I will be purchasing an R20 7.5 Static Tilt Complete package (67177V) and a Lens Ring for the Samyang 7.5 with Fanotes Replacement Mount (E/ EF-M/ X Mount. Is this all I need?
    Supposedly this will allow me to do a 360 panorama with only four exposures.
    My question is is the above listed item all I need or is there anything else needed, also is there anyone out there using the same setup?

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    Samyang 7.5mm is for APSC E-mount cameras only. Not good for full frame cameras like the A7. it only uses a small fraction of sensor area. A better lens is Samyang 8mm F2.8 with hood cut.

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      But this would force me to take 6 shots. 4 pano, 1 up and 1 down. Correct?


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        Samyang 8mm F2.8 with hood cut has 180x150 deg fov on A7. You only need 3-4 shots.
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          I endorse Nick's good advice.
          I use a Nikon FX body with Samayang 8mm with the lens hood off and take four shots round tilted upwards by +7.5 which gives good closure for the zenith and the hole at the nadir is still within the Nodal Ninja head.
          I could take three shots round, but prefer four because it gives me good overlap for Control Point generation and option of using the Mask tool in PTGui if I have movement between shots.
          The tour at was shot with this rig as described.
          I have elected to use a "tripod cap", but you can fill in the head with a single hand held shot to the nadir, which you would have to do with any rig.
          If I shoot horizontally the zenith still usually closes, but not well, hence the small incline.
          Hope this helps, Hugh.