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    I have my tripod, along with the leveller, on top of that I have the rd8, then round it off with the M2.

    My question is, when all is level on the M2, aka I see the bubble in the direct centre, why when I turn the M2 90 or 180 degree etc does the bubble move a little. I just want to know is there a way to maintain the bubble 100% same bubble position for full 360 turn.



    should that bubble remain 100% on a turning 360 degree, stopping 4 times.

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    Slight movement of the bubble is usually of very little consequence. If you do a search of the forum you will find several similar reports. See this one for example: .



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      John is right. Of all the things to worry about, 100% level is way down the list. This is not to say that you should ignore leveling. I found that leveling the lower parts (e.g., the tripod itself) seems to make it more likely that the bubble stays within the black circle during the full turn.
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        Bubble moves when its sensitivity is higher than accuracy. The accuracy of the bubble is higher than what we can judge visually. That is what matters.

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          I totally concur with the advice from John, rjose and Nick, but if you really wish to get the bubble absolutely correct you can adopt the methods Surveyors used for levelling a theodolite before the advent of "automatic levelling" instruments.
          It is nigh impossible to get a theodolite bubble into perfect adjustment and the technique used is shown at and
          i.e. half the error in the bubble in each of the four directions

          This process is of course quite a palaver and, as mentioned by the others, actually unnecessary as you will find that the stitching of the images will introduce "tips" and "tilts" when fitting the Control Points.
          e.g. if you use PTGui and look at the "Image Parameters" (seventh tab) after "Stitching" and "Optimising" you will see that the "Yaw", "Pitch" and "Roll" are not perfect even if you use the above technique to level your leveller.

          I recently did some tests for making measurements from 360 panoramas and because I was using a theodolite to measure targeted points took the panorama images with my R1 in a survey tribrach on a survey tripod so was it was near as perfectly level as possible (i.e. to within a few arc seconds), but after stitching I ended up with more than an arc degree spread in the Image Parameters.
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