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lens settings for Canon 1DMKII with M2...

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  • lens settings for Canon 1DMKII with M2...

    So I spent all Saturday night on 2 lenses. I used a laser to first set the horizon position who's at 16.65 on 5th lower rail. for my canon 24-105
    at 105mm upper is 8.4
    70mm upper is 8.4
    50mm upper is 10
    24mm upper is 11.5

    40mm upper is 11.2
    24mm upper is 11.7
    17mm upper is 11.8

    24TSE is 10.25.

    I used laser for vertical comparison to an entrance way vertical frame. took forever to get hang of it. But I did and it works well. With such straight line as laser and using LE and PS to compare photos you get to see just how awful things look like at the edges of your image.

    Do any of these numbers look right? As I indicated I have no visible parallax and will test my settings with some panos. I still have 1 more lens to go, my 70-200 f2.8.