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Just received and tried out my ultimate m2

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  • Just received and tried out my ultimate m2

    Got it on Friday and took it hiking to some waterfalls. I didn't have opportunity to set all the lens news and just eyeballs everything. With that being said I got better Panos than in the past. Only thing to work on is the exposure of each frame and which lens and focal length to use for a given scene.

    I am also trying to come up with a packing solution for my gear in my backpack which I will use on short and long multi-day trips. Not an easy task when you have to consider weight down to ounces and keeping gear ordered and at the ready for the unexpected.

    I look forward to using my m2 a lot.
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    Hi Chesty,

    Best aperture for panos is F8 or F11. Coming to the site, set shutter speed to auto and test the scene stop by stop. Check the shutter speeds, specially on light and on dark areas. Then take the decision for the best shutter speeds and set it back to manual. All camera settings have to be set to manual: WB, Aperture, Shutter Speed, and Focus.

    Here's a links to calculate your shots around:
    Longer focus lenses need more pics to be shot and more rows to be done. Gives an overview about shooting patterns.

    Feel free to ask,
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      Thanks. I can see the effects of not having everything perfect. I am gonna get everything set this week and then start practicing around the neighborhood to get my workflow down.