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    In an effort to reduce the size and weight of my panoramic rig I have 'downsized' from a Nikon D3/14-24mm Nikkor combination, and built a custom mount for my Nikon D610/14mm f/2.8 Nikkor lens. Two other objectives were achieved. As supplied, the integral ‘flower petal’ Nikkor lens hood is shortened on the long edges of the image for compactness, but does not provide complete protection from flare. A 100 by 150mm aluminum box provides full shielding.

    Second, I wanted to reposition the camera/lens combination precisely at the no parallax point each time the camera was mounted. This can be difficult with stock camera plates. The custom mount has a padded surface, running along the back edge of the camera, that prevents rotation around the tripod screw. A second captive ¼-20 screw holds the mount securely to the upper horizontal arm.

    The custom mount can be readily made in a home workshop. Materials include aluminum sheet, electronic chassis, nonabrasive anti-slip tape, rubber edge trim, weld tee nut, aircraft rivets, captive screws, laminated labels, primer and black paint.

    This custom accessory supplements the superb Nodal Ninja panorama head.
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    nice attempt. Like your data sheet and check list on the hood.

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