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RS-1 Upper Rotator Assembly Kit install

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  • RS-1 Upper Rotator Assembly Kit install

    I just received my RS-1 Upper Rotator Assembly Kit, with a ring for Samyung 8mm f/2.8 lens. A little documentation would have been nice, but answers to a few questions will suffice to get me taking my modified NN3 Mk II / Sony NEX-6 out among the redwoods.

    Should the arrow on the inside of the plastic inner ring point toward the camera, or toward the front of the lens? Right now, I have it pointing toward the front on the lens. This covers the aperture ring and the gold line around the circumference, but leaves the focus ring available. A forum post said that this doesn't really matter, as most folks just leave the aperture set to f/8 and leave it. This setup also leaves some space for pushing the lens release.

    About the parts bag. Am I correct in deducing that the 3 internally threaded brass cylinders are bushings for the threaded bolt that connects the assembly to the top of the vertical rail? If so, how do I choose the right one? One is a straight cylinder, the other two have the same internal thread, but the outside diameter is slightly different on one end.

    Where should the Loctite be used? Also, I cannot see what the teeny machine screw is for, or the purpose of the small threaded pin that the larger allen wrench fits in. I also don't see what the smaller allen wrench is for.

    Thanks for your help, as well as for the best pano equipment!

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    Hi Jatlee,

    Sorry for the lack of instructions. It is on my to do list.
    For the lens ring installation. You get it right. Arrow points to front of lens. Plastic insert will hide the aperture ring.

    For the RS1 conversion kit, use the brass cylinder that fits your NN3 vertical rail best, with smallest gap in the hole. NN3 made over the years had some variable in the hole that supports the upper rotator. To get the best result, I offer you a set of cylinder in 3 sizes. The undercut in the cylinder is where the rubber washer should be located.
    The loctite is for locking this cylinder in place. After you select the cylinder. Screw the cylinder to the RS1 rotator axis screw, with undercut facing the side of QRC-40B. Reserve about 8mm, apply a small amount of loctite to the thread of axis screw. Tighten the cylinder completely. Clean any spilt loctite and let it cure for >1 hr. You can use hair dryer to speedup curing.
    The tiny screw is spare part for one on QRC-40B. You can remove the extruded reading gauge if you like using the smallest hex wrench.
    There is also a M3 screw with a flat base. It is for using stop plates and act as safety screw.
    If you have further question, don't hessitate to ask.

    With your question answered, I have the complete text for the installation instruction guide already. LOL.

    We listen. We try harder.


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      Here you find the pics:

      Be careful using the Loctite. My brass cylinder fits the bolt without using it and stays in place. I should test it before using the Loctite.

      Anyway, I will add some pics on using the Loctite.

      Click image for larger version

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