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NN4 with Nadir Adapter

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  • NN4 with Nadir Adapter

    I've looked and can't seem to find any tutorials on using the NN4 with the Nadir adapter. I'm using a Canon 5K Mark III with the 16-35 lens for interior virtual tours.

    I have been excluding the zenith and nadir shots, just shooting -30 and +30 (12 total shots) which works fine.

    Curious how easy using the Nadir adapter is and if it's worth the extra work?


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    Hi Larry,

    This is a video about M1-L. The principle is the same for NN4, NN3 RS-1 etc.



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      Thanks, that was exactly what I was looking for.

      So you just move the tripod the PP distance, spin the camera around and take the shot. Do you take a shot at Nadir1 and Nadir2 as shown? PTGUI then can stitch those together successfully?

      How do you remove the tripod from the shot? Is that done in PTGUI?


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        Hi Larry,

        PTGui Pro has a "mask" function", where you can mask out the tripod in both pics Nadir1 and Nadir2. For Nadir2 you have to set in >advanced >optimizer >advanced the "viewpoint" box because this is the pic with movement of the tripod.

        Try the DPD distance for your own set up that you can see the whole ground between the tip of the leg - Nadir1 - an the corner of the Nadir Adapter - Nadir2 - I had to go further than DPD to get this space with my tripod. Just move further, measure the distance of movement, and make a cord with knots on it. Use this for shooting the panos to know how far you have to move the tripod. Do not be afraid of moving the tripod not very precise in rectangular. PTGui will solve this problem.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Untitled * - PTGui Pro registered to hindenhaag-7-1.jpg
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Name:	Untitled * - PTGui Pro registered to hindenhaag.jpg
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Name:	Untitled * - PTGui Pro registered to hindenhaag-4-1.jpg
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        BTW: using optimizer, you have to use "heavy + lens shift" in "minimize lens distortion".

        So long,
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          Great explanation, thanks so much.