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Issues with reseller and customer service

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  • Issues with reseller and customer service

    Hi all,
    I'm experiencing issues with customer service, precisely cs[at]nodalninja[dot]com as you can see on the about us page, who's also a reseller and drove me to buy from him the NN4 with EZ leveler and other stuff I wanted.
    I submitted the customer satisfaction form, but I'm having issues with the customer service manager... who also claimed to be responsible for the website. I can't reach him by phone, and can't manage to get a tracking ID of the purchase I made on 5th april. Yesterday he said me he shipped another package, that I would get it today, and he would send me the tracking ID. None of them arrived, and no answer from him. Is he also a moderator on the forum? I trusted him as he answered my first questions on behalf of nodalninja and through an official email. At the phone yesterday he strongly apologized, but today he disappeared and "forgot" to send me the tracking ID I've been asking forever, again.
    I didn't want to post this publicly, but I can't find a way to have a direct contact with the board, and this fact looks to me so weird, as reading the www I thought this was one of the best customer services available, that I thought it needs to be fixed before another weekend comes. And all of that strongly differs from what states the "about us" page.
    I apologize for posting it here, and hope this thread won't be deleted before I get an answer.
    Whoever moderator wants proofs of what I'm saying, I have emails and copy of payment available. Maybe try reaching him by phone if you can.

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    Hi Fabinn,

    Where did you place your order? or from Mauro Contrafatto in Italy. Do you have an order number?
    Please be assured that this issue will be sorted out soon.

    Nick Fan
    Developer and Manufacturer of Fanotec and Nodal Ninja Products.
    We listen. We try harder.


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      Hi Nick and thank you very much for your reply, I really appreciate it.
      I placed my questions on and Mauro answered me from cs[at]nodalninja[dot]com. He stated I could confidently buy from him, and I placed my order with him. I have no order confirmation, no invoice, only the quotation for which I paid: NN4 standard + EZ leveler II (with casing, as agreed in email) + Nadir Adapter NN4 + R1/R10 Lens Ring for Nikon 10.5mm + Arca Quick Release Clamp for NN4 Upper Rotator. First issue was airport closed because of volcano ashes and shipment delayed: I discovered it after a week (after my request of update on 12th), then no tracking ID was available as the mail service changed tracking ID, because of the volcano ashes delay. One of the 2 emails I sent him asking for the tracking ID on 16th and 17th got lost. Phone messages stating he would let me know. Then on 18th "a friend of him" sent another package (around 18.00 pm) with express delivery on the next day (yesterday, 19th), but the system wouldn't upload the data until late, and I would get the tracking during the night; this info was shared during a long phone call in which I complained about the customer service - in this case faulty and completely absent - no chance to reach him or the office on phone, you only get called back, he apologized, as he's been away since 2nd March and he's got a contractor to take care of shipments, and he's got another job which prevents him from answering... I asked for a proof of shipment which never came - sending an email takes what? 2 minutes? I tried to phone him yesterday but no answer. I'm still astonished by this behaviour, I keep hoping to get that pretty easy info I required - and my items.
      Thanks again


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        Hi Fabio,

        Mauro is our long time trusted reseller and friend. He is running a one man business as an NN reseller. He has a full time job as a civil engineer which requires some field trips. From your info, he indeed provided you timely service for the first time. The delays due to airport closure and subsequent messes was out of his control. I will try to contact him and ask him to follow up your order. Anyhow, I can fully back up your business with him.

        We listen. We try harder.


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          Thank you,
          I got contacted by Mauro, it looks like another email was lost, the one with the tracking ID. Issue is solved for me, I apologize for my public outburst.
          Have a nice week end


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            Hi Fabio,
            We apologize for the issues you are having. Please understand the lack of action is NOT intentional and Mauro has proven dedication to support. One customer complaint out of several hundred transactions stand as testament. It is however unfortunate you feel justified to vent your frustrations in public forum rather than simply contacting us through email. Mauro, like many of us, are far from perfect and we all make occasional mistakes or forget to do something. I see last email to Nodal Ninja customer support was on 25th March so I assume communications after that would have been through outside channels.
            Unfortunately there isn't anything we (Nodal Ninja) can do at this stage as Mauro is out of town. He is scheduled to return this coming week however and I'm certain he'll be following up with you.

            We won't delete this post, as you might have thought, for two reasons. One is to allow your public vent and show others we do on rare occasions fall short. The second is to remind the public our 50+ dealers in 25+ countries are under agreement and stand committed to provide the best support we can to our customers. It's important for customers to share their experiences, preferably through internal channels, and if dealers get continual complaints we will certainly take action.

            Also worth noting, between all NN email accounts, we receive literally 100's of emails daily. If we do not respond to your email or inquire within 24 hours (excluding weekend and holidays) please resend.


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              Originally posted by Bill Bailey View Post
              It is however unfortunate you feel justified to vent your frustrations in public forum rather than simply contacting us through email.
              I apologize (worth nothing, but due) again for going mad.

              I received my items yesterday, second shipment was already on his way on friday, as I confirmed on saturday. Everything is in perfect working order, quality of assembly and materials is far better than expected. Ease of use top notch, fully working in less than 5 minutes.
              Thank you Mauro for the extra gift.


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                I know Mauro as a trustable reseller and distributor since years. I feel fine that everything is solved for you.

                Kind Regards and enjoy your equipment.
                If you need help, just let us know.


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                  So, Fabio, probably we will see you in PanoTools meeting? It is in Italy this year, Mauro is organizing it in Sicily.
                  Luca Vascon.

                  -- o --
                  I Void Warranties!