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    [deleted] They have expanded their pano head line and much of it seems similar in appearance and function to the Nodal Ninja heads. Cost is similar. Sure looks like they are copy-catting. Inandofitself that is one big compliment.
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    $874 for a monopod. $210 for a midsize ball head.

    I don't think so....


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      Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. There have been some companies that have built products eerily similar to ours. Remember we are a company dedicated exclusively panoramic photography. We are probably the only company in this field that seeks feedback from end users in efforts to meet their needs. This is reflective of products being enhanced and new ones continually being developed.



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        A couple of years ago I remember seeing some statistics of Pano head users . Nodal Ninja had clearly over taken the field in the couple of years or so they had been available.
        Today I am sure they are the first option of most Panographers, to the extent that the only way open for other makers, is to copy what NN are doing.

        It would be nice to see some up to date statistics on this.