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Leveler vs tripod head?

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  • Leveler vs tripod head?

    I have a Monfrotto 3021 tripod with standard head that I am going to use with the NN5 that I just ordered. Is there an advantage of removing the head and using a leveler?

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    You always want to mount your pano head/leveler directly onto the tripod. This will give you the most stable setup. After you get good at adjusting the tripod legs, you can dispense with the leveler.



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      A simple ball head gives greater range of leveling than the NN leveler and is much, much faster than trying to level by adjusting the legs. Also acts as a nadir adapter for taking the down shot. But whatever....


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        I also have a NN5 and I use Manfroto's leveling center column as well as the EZ Leveler. The leveling center column gives me gross adjsutment without having to fiddle with the tripod legs. The EZ Leveler gives me fine-tuning. Have never used a ball-head with the NN5 so I cannot offer any comparison.


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          Also acts as a nadir adapter for taking the down shot

          Originally posted by DemonDuck View Post
          Also acts as a nadir adapter for taking the down shot.
          caught my eye. How are you using a ballhead as a nadir adapter?


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            I have a Manfrotto 484 ball head. Little guy but strong. My NN3 sits on top of it. When I want to shoot the nadir patch, I flop the ball head over so the NN3 is sticking perpendicular to the center column. I then lift the center column to put the lens back near the NPP and shift the tripod as needed to aim the camera at the nadir point. Works pretty good. Usually need some cloning around the tripod leg shadows and the camera shadow (if you do it right) but for the most part it's all you need to do. Goes pretty fast after you do it a few times.