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Question about Arca clamp and NN Store

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  • Question about Arca clamp and NN Store

    Hi, all.

    My apologies if this has been addressed. I've looked at a few threads in my searches, and things might have changed, so...

    My question has to do with the Arca style QR system. The first thing I'm hearing is that the standard QR clamp (QRC-2) is generally not compatible with most Arca compatible plates and L brackets. I have a Really Right Stuff L bracket for my Pentax K-5 camera that I keep mounted most of the time, and it's generally compatible with Arca clamps. I'm thinking I would therefore need the NN Arca system to use my RRS L-bracket.

    My questions:
    - Can I presume the NN Arca style clamp is compatible with my RRS L-bracket for my Pentax K-5?
    - If so, I would obviously only need the Arca clamp, and not the plate. In the store currently, I only see the Arca being sold as a system with clamp and plate (the non-Arca system seems to be sold in a system and as separate components, though). Is the Arca clamp sold separately without the plate, or only together? It might have been sold separately before, but those links in other forum posts seem to go to dead pages.

    I'd be using this with a NN4 setup.

    Thanks, all, for any input.



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    check with the store if they have clamp in stock. it is discontinued. Our new clamp in the Ultimate series can be used on NN4/5. I have prototypes which will be listed at a low price.

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      Thanks, Nick.

      Are you talking specifically about the QR Clamp 40B ( Sorry, I'm not familiar with how the Ultimate modular series pieces together. This piece should attach to the upper rail of my NN4, and is Arca compatible with my RRS L-bracket for Pentax K-5?

      Forgive my questions... the product descriptions for these items in the store are a bit lacking. Thanks for your help and clarification though. I really appreciate it.