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    I think you should learn a little more about facts before you post.
    The truth is that if you purchased the last update after Feb 1 2010 your current 9.1 update is free. The last update was 9.0 in dec 2010. So you may get both 9.0 and 9.1 for free if you updated last time between Feb 1 and Dec 2010

    This is all written here.

    The 9.1 is a major update with lots of new functions for us who need them. You may not need them so whats the problem. Just do not update but wait for the next update. Thats all up to you .

    And € 45 for the update is really not much for all the work Joost does.

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      I understand you from your point of view. That way every pano will cost you a greater amount of money.

      May be you write an email to Joost to ask about this problem.



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        None of you are stupid and if you agree with this "time-period", e.g. because you are an "extended user", - perfect! And YES, Joost did and I guess he will do a good job furthermore.

        Hans, all you wrote I knew before. That doesn't change my mind. Like Heinz wrote - every pano will cost me a greater ammount of money. So it is allowed (by myself) that I am angry about this circumstance and I guess it is allowed also to talk about the situation and alternative programs. One more time - I actually like PTGUI PRO and the possibilities to do some manually steps. APG doesn't has this possibilities (by now). That is the reason I spent a lot of money for PTGUI.

        My post is not agains Joost personally or all other user of PTGUI. ( Remember I am a PTGUI PRO user too.) It's - like I said before - only my experence and opinion. Also the compared programm is well programmed and they make a lot of money too. Even if the have another upgrade-system. I know a lot of interessed "private" photgraphers which told me, they wouldn't buy PTGUI because of this upgrade-system and I know also, some of them bought the "other program". (some of them searched for "free" versions on the internet...)

        So if you are happy - I am happy for you. Like you wrote "where is the problem" - there is no problem, but if I would be the programmer I would think about effects and possible solutions and perhaps more sold licenses.

        Let us finish the discussion about "little money" for a good work a.s.o.. I will find a solution for me - and everybody else will find a solution for themselves. So everybody is happy (more or less).

        Maybee I should start do do more panos.

        @all: Have a nice day (or night - wherever you are!)



        Because of this discussion, I went back to all my invoices and I realised why I WAS so angry. My last invoice was in September 2010 and it seemed such a short time do must do another upgrade. But the serial wasn't in PTGUI, that means I only could download Version 9.04. (I have no idea why - I thought I had made the serial-update.) Now, I updated the serial in PTGUI and Voila - download the version 9.1 worked well. .... so, where are the pictures of heaven.

        Thanks - without your discussion I would never find this solution.


        Status: Totally relaxed PTGUI PRO 9.1 and Autopano GIGA 2.6 user
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