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NN5 upper rotator clamp

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  • NN5 upper rotator clamp

    I already have a Markins Camera plate on my D700 that can fit into a arca swiss type clamp. To fit this Camera with the same plate I will require a arca swiss type clamp. Which clamp on NN website can take this plate? In NN5 is the Camera mounting knob (#N5CMK) 1/4 or 3/8 thread? I am asking so as to find out if I can fit any other clamp with 3/8 thread if the NN website does not have.

    Thanks in advance.


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    just leave your camera plate on the D700. So you can use it for your other equipment as well without changing the plate.

    To fix your camera to the upper rail, you have to install the NN Arca Style Clamp to it. It is specially made for this. It has grooves at the back which will insert into the upper rail to keep it in place. No chance to use another clamp than this one. You can either buy the clamp on its own or the system, which includes a camera plate as well. Have a look to the small pics and open up to see the back of the clamp.

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      Thanks Heinz, I checked the website its showing out of stock for system, but standalone clamp is available. I will try to call customer service in the morning.


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        BTW: if you camera plate is longer than the clamp, you can push the small silver plates down. Or you can use them as a stop plate.