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What happened in Japan and it's consequences

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  • What happened in Japan and it's consequences

    Hello and I know this might be off topics.

    As a lot of people I followed infos about Japan the last days. I think it is hard to imagine to be there and stand this catastrophe in all consequences. I know there is a lot of problems elsewhere in the world.

    I just like to try to take the eyes of our "small group" to mechanisms in such cases: no secure information about what really happened to try to keep people calm.

    No real solutions on how to solve problems evacuating millions of people. Just "trust the winds are going the right way?" "It's raining in my neighbor village so I am not touched?"

    Think of thousands of people having lost everything? And the result is et al: prices for Nikon products raise?

    Let us try to beat this: check red cross, I will spend money to them.

    I will send an email to the companies who raise prices because of this crisis.

    And in first place: let us send emails to our governments to stop to play around with risks: "Sorry, but the last earthquake was only 7.9". And what about the waste?

    Till now there is no place in the whole world to be sure to spare the rest of the of the plants in a safe place. For millions of years.

    We learned a lot about the power of internet in the last few months. Think of Tunisia, Egypt, and the north africa and near east region.

    I know we are a small group. But a house is build stone by stone. And I think right now, it might be an overall historic moment and chance when we react and declare and ask to the people who are responsible for the goals for the future what we expect.

    I know this might be a dream. Right now I got a "No". But trying to react, I might get a "Yes". So the only chance to get a better situation is "an overall response of us".

    I am not sure about the weather the day atomic sites blow up in Europe. Or in any place in the rest of the world.

    Let us try to fight.

    Sorry for being off topics. NO! I am not sorry about this. I think it is a great chance in this moment. Let us try to take it.

    You know the old Beatle song: "All together now"?


    BTW addition:

    I know it is german, but I think pics explain a lot:
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    This is a bit off topic but as this forum catagory suggests this section is after all about "everything else". We do feel some political undertones with the public pleas but we'll let others judge for themselves and not censor the thread unless it goes south.

    As forum administrator we are not agreeing or disagreeing with these comments but I would ask for reservation and thought in posting off topic concerns and public pleas. Moderating a forum is not an easy task. Initially we closed the thread but after further thought decided best to reopen to discussion should others like to comment.

    Fanotec and Nodal Ninja have given to many causes sometimes it stretches our pocket books to far and pushes us into the red. As I mentioned in previous thread we have contributed over $15,000 to disaster relief and other very needed causes to include $5000 to the Australian Flood relief fund and we are only 3 months into 2011. Now we have Japan and we would like to help by contributing aid but struggling to find the funds and we refuse to raise our prices. We would ask everyone to make contributions to disasters like this - even if only $1.

    see also

    thank you for your understanding



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      I think "everything else" is a better place for off-topic posts.
      We listen. We try harder.


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        I know this theme is off topic for our forum.

        I just wanted to try to take attention for our small group about all around consequences of such a disaster, at least to raising prices for Nikon equipment though parts are already in stock!. And might be it is a moment to try to force the big people to let them know what the basic people are asking for: deep secure information when an nuclear disaster happens, prevention, basic information about risks before installing it.

        May I ask all of you, to leave this thread just like it is. I do not want a long new thread of answers and discussions about this problems.

        Thx to Bill, not having deleted it at once.

        And thx to everyone paying attention.

        Let us close this thread without discussion.