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  • SWF files in Firefox

    This is probably not the right forum for this question, but hopeful someone can suggest the best place to get an answer as I am now completely flummoxed.

    My SWF files all work in Windows Explorer (both 8 and 9) and Safari, but only some work in Firefox.

    The ones that do not work in Firefox are mainly generated in Pano2VR, although there are one or two others, but I have not found anything about this in the
    Garden Gnome Forum so suspect that the problem is probably in my html code although after many hours of trying to get them to work I cannot see what is wrong!

    Does anyone have any suggestions please?
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    Hello Hugh,

    I did look HUGH in the GN members list, but did not find your username, unless you are "Hugh4g" joined and last active comment 8Jan11.
    Guess I would need to check the URL's for the Pano2VR panos that did not work in Firefox. URL please?

    I am using Firefox 3.6.15 with most current Adobe Flash plugin version (2.7 mb)

    Can you post your URL that does not seem to work ? I can take a look at the coding.

    Dave still at
    Forum Moderator Pano2VR


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      Originally posted by Hugh View Post
      This is probably not the right forum for this question, but hopeful someone can suggest the best place to get an answer as I am now completely flummoxed.
      Hi Hugh, While the primary focus of our forum is towards product support we certainly do not discourage other inquires like this as long as they are related to panoramic photography in some sort.
      It's what the "Everything Else" section is all about.

      ps - thanks for your assist Dave


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        Hello Dave,

        Thank you very much for your offer of help, it is very much appreciated.

        I have not actually registered on the GN forum, but trolled through the items looking for clues.

        I am probably missing something fundamental, but it would be nice to have the SWFs working on Firefox as well.
        These are a couple of URLs to pages that are OK in Windows Explorer and Safari, but do not run in Firefox.

        Thanks Bill for your encouragement, purchasing a Nodal Ninja realy is a whole lot more than buying a piece of hardware!

        Best regards, Hugh.
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          You are absolutely correct. Your examples DO NOT WORK in Firefox.
          After looking at your html source code.. you also are not using the recommended flash code to make it work properly.
          Pano2vr provides a sample HTML page to use that does contain the proper code set that will work in Firefox. Look for the tab "HTML" and output file. It is possible to cut and paste only that part of the OBJECT code and paste it into your html template page (one with the banner image with the top and bottom button sets).

          I have to go to a luncheon appointment. When I return I can cut and paste the proper Flash code here in the next comment.

          Back in couple hours.
          Dave still at
          Forum Moderator Pano2VR


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            Curious can you see this panorama ?

   If so then below might work for you.

            yourcode ---

            <object classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" codebase=",0,19,0" width="789" height="520" title="Round House">
            <param name="movie" value="Round_House_out.swf" />
            <param name="quality" value="High" />



            -- Put in your page head

            <script type="text/javascript" src="p2q_embed_object.js">
            --- end

            ---> Put in your page body

            script type="text/javascript">
               if ((window.p2q_Version) && (window.p2q_Version>=2.0)) {
                var flashvars="";
                // Check to see if the version meets the requirements for playback
                if (!DetectFlashVer(9,0,0)) {
                 document.write('<p class="warning">This content requires Adobe Flash Player Version 9 or higher. '
                     + '<a href="">Get Flash<\/a><\/p>');
               } else {
                document.writeln('<p class="warning">p2q_embed_object.js is not included or it is too old! Please copy this file into your html directory.<\/p>');
            <p class="warning">Please enable Javascript!</p>
            AND place in the same folder with your html page. This is a generic .js file. This .js file screens your visitors computer to assure that they have most current version of Adobe Flash viewer. If they do not.. they are redirected to Adobe's download page for plugin updating.. then it redirects them back to your pano.

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            Dave still at
            Forum Moderator Pano2VR


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              Hello Dave,

              Thank you very much for taking the time to look at my code and provide a solution, and for the code to check if the current Adobe Flash viewer is installed on the users computer and go to the Adobe download page if not.
              Yes, I am able to see in both Firefox and Explorer (great panorama!) so have every faith that your suggestions will work.
              I shall dive into my code over the weekend as I have a number of pages to update!
              Your help is very much appreciated and if you are ever over this side of the pond, give us a shout.
              Best regards, Hugh.


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                Thanks Dave,

                It works a treat
                I can now see the Round House in Firefox as well as Explorer and Safari.

                All I have to do now is go through and edit all of my 360 Panorama pages!

                Thanks again, Hugh.


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                  I am pleased we were able to help.
                  Dave still at
                  Forum Moderator Pano2VR