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  • PTGui 9.0.2

    New version of PTGui:

    Version 9.0.2 with some fixes and new options :

    PTGui Viewer: supports gyroscope navigation on the iPhone 4. Look around in the panorama as if you are really there by rotating the phone.
    PTGui Viewer: on touchscreen devices (iPad/iPhone/iPod) panoramas are now navigated by swiping instead of drag and hold
    PTGui Viewer (Publish to Website tool) now supports WebGL. This means that Flash is not required to view panoramas in the Safari browser, Chrome 9 browser and the upcoming Firefox 4 browser.
    PTGui Viewer: the Full Screen button can be hidden, or it can be shown only when using Flash
    PTGui Viewer: double click to switch to full screen mode
    PTGui Viewer: increased default size limit for Apple mobile devices to 4.5 megapixels; recent versions of Apple iOS can safely handle panoramas of this size.
    PTGui Viewer: Fix: on Apple mobile devices the panorama was shown at only a low resolution, until the user switched to fullscreen display
    PTGui Viewer: Fix: entering a negative value for autorotate speed (to rotate towards the left) resulted in an error message
    Publish to Website window now remembers last used settings
    'Physically rotate images with EXIF Orientation tag' checkbox now works for most raw formats (previously this was ignored when loading raw images)
    PTGui now also loads GPS metadata from most raw images
    Added support (through dcraw) for raw images with the .3fr (Hasselblad) and .sr2 (Sony) formats
    Fix: Exposure and color adjustment: Vignetting curve would be reset to a straight line even if 'Keep Current' was selected
    Fix: Windows: 'Out of memory error (case 4)' when writing large JPEG files
    Fix: Mac: Keyboard shortcuts such as Cmd+D for the Don't Save button are functioning again
    Fix: Mac: Cmd+A in 'Add Images' dialog selects all files
    Fix: Mac: OS X would refuse to shut down if PTGui was running
    Fix: Mac: Possible crash when quitting PTGui
    Fix: Mac: Optimizer would fail to run while editing a value in the Image Parameters tab
    Fix: Mac: possible crash when clicking File - Apply Template and moving the mouse
    Fix: for certain cameras RAW images would be rotated even if the rotation sensor of the camera was disabled

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