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  • Re: Questions About Hotlinking Within a Spherical Panorama...

    Hello Everyone,

    I have a few questions regarding some panorama stitching software. First off, I am in the market for an easy-to-use spherical panorama stitcher. I've been leaning towards PTGui. I am anticipating a customer asking me about embedding hotspots to navigate through the panorama just as if you were in the actual property. To accomplish this, I would need to have the capability to include a hotlink (i.e. an arrow) within the panorama that once clicked on, transports the viewer from one node to another within the panorama or a separate linked panorama of a different room. Also, I have seen some panoramas with an interface that shows a floor layout and by clicking on a specific room calls up that panorama in the viewer. Once scrolling through the actual panorama, if you looked at the interface you can see the angle of view you are viewing in the room.

    If this is not a function included in panoramic software can anyone provide/ suggest a link to a tutorial on how to do this?

    Thank-you in advance for any responses.

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    you probably wanty to have a look at Pano2VR for that -

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