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Trek-Tech TrekPod XL Adjustable Monopod with Magmount Pro Ball Head with R1

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  • Trek-Tech TrekPod XL Adjustable Monopod with Magmount Pro Ball Head with R1

    Has anyone had any experience of one of these using it with an R1, I am looking for a lightweight solution to lug up a mountain rather than using my Manfrotto tripod which weighs a ton with everything attached!

    I have written to the company on their website ( asking whether they think it would be suitable for an R1 with leveler, rotator and Canon 5d mk2 with sigma 8mm. I am waiting to hear back.

    Any advice and or other solutions please would be appreciated, I like the idea of this monopod as it doubles as a walking stick which i need!



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    You really don't need a tripod at the base of a monopod. And you don't need a leveler or a rotator. The monopod itself is the rotator and you level your rig by putting a pole level on the monopod to keep it vertical.

    What I said applies to conventional monopods upto 6-8 feet. When you start to get into actual pole panos, that's a different deal but I think that even upto 10 feet, you can just spin the pole around a point while keeping it vertical.

    Like this -- which isn't me but that's the way I do it. You can even do multi-row panos.


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      Hi Neil,

      this should be you future solution :

      The rotator shown in this picture is the RD4 of the R1 system,used turned around.

      My favorite construction right now: Split R1 in top and rotator part. Add mini adaptor system to the top: clamp to R1, Adapter to top of the new Pole. This way you have quick release system on top and can add the R1 system with mounted camera to the top of pole. Add RD4 by 3/8" to 6mm screw on top to the bottom of the pole. This will be fixed.

      At the bottom of RD4 I add the NN arca style quick release system: arca style camera plate to bottom of rotator. Arca Style clamp on top of Feisol monopod. The bubble level for RD4 is added to the rotator.

      Advance: you can easily take camera from top and pole from monopod, rotator with bubble level is in front of your hips and you can easily raise the pole and the rotator can be used under good control.

      When it is available, you could try to add the new foot plate to the monopod by adding a special screw to the spike screw of the monopod. Then add the new R1/R10 Zenith nadir adaptor which will be available soon - march ? - below the R1 on top and this is the lightest equipment you can get. Besides the pure constructions already mentioned in Panoguide: monopod with R1 on top and a manfrotto clamp bubble added to the monopod. DennisS is the master of it.

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        Hi Neil,
        I use a Cullmann Nanomax 200T Triipod with a mounted Vanguard Tracker AP 284 Monopod, a Rotator R-D3L and a R1. It's very solid and much cheaper as the Trek-tech solution. The weight is only 1,7kg. You can use it as a Monopod and a Tripod to reduce your own shadow and with longer shutterspeed. It's a very solid, portable and cheap Doublesolution. It's carrying my 40D and the Sigma 8mm easy.



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          As usual, thanks to everyone for the advice.