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Idea. Dutch Nodal Ninja meeting? the Hague. (Den Haag)

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  • Idea. Dutch Nodal Ninja meeting? the Hague. (Den Haag)

    As talked about in another topic it might be a nice idea to do a nodal ninja Meeting somewhere in the Netherlands.

    One Idea is to do a meetup in the hague. (Den Haag).

    Please give me yourideas and if you would like to come.
    Date will follow later.

    As I want Bill and Nick and others too read this too please keep it in English.

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    Hello Freddy,

    I like your idea for a meeting of Dutch panorama people in The Hague a lot.

    I like to suggest to set it up as a meeting for panorama enthousiast, not just for Nodal Ninja users but for all people who are passioned about panorama making or who are doing things related to this.
    I also suggest to give the meeting a form like the international PanoTools Meetings where people are sharing knowledge, workflows and showing methods how to get the best result and what they do and use to get it.

    For a meeting you need a venue that offers facilities for laptops to make sure that bad weather or an empty battery can't spoil the day.
    From experience I can tell that a public venue (like f.e. a gallery) isn't suited for this as other visitors of the venue can be pretty disturbing.
    If you can get a venue free of charge then this would be great and totally in line with the philosophy of the PanoTools Meeting to keep financial barriers as low as possible.

    For a critical mass of ideas, knowledge, etc. it is necessary to have at least half a dozen, more is better, of panorama people attending the meeting.
    To make sure that there will be enough attendees I suggest you post your initiative also on the Panoguide forum.

    If you can organize such a meeting as described above then you can *count me in* for The Hague so who is next :-)

    I think if you can work it out this is a great opportunity for every Dutch panorama maker who can't make it to Vienna for whatever the reasons are.



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      The Idea was not mine.. Heinz came up with the Hague.
      I am not even close to that so I guess organising a place it is not something I can do.
      If it was close to Hoorn (noord-holland) I knew some places.


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        You should do well in holding a local workshop. But if seeking international interest, like Wim noted, it would take a great deal of planning and cordination. The recent IVRPA International Panorama Conference was a great success but putting it all together was heaps of work - just ask Don Bains. The next pano conferecne is in Palmela Portugal June 1-5 ( is equally as challenging to put together - Carlos Chegado is handling the planning and I'm sure picking up some gray hairs in the process.
        My adivce is to keep it small and simple, more localized, and open to all. I am happy to place notice of any pending workshops on the front page of the website as well as our newsletter once you have dates, times, and place all confirmed. And as you are a valued customer and forum participator we might be able to offer up a small door prize :-)
        Keep us posted on how you go.


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          Originally posted by Bill Bailey View Post
          .....But if seeking international interest, like Wim noted, it would take a great deal of planning and cordination....
          Hello Bill,

          I think I was not clear, I understood that Freddy and Heinz have ideas to hold a small meeting (for a part of a day) without an international interest.
          For international interest there is already the PanoTools Meeting, August 1-5 2011 in Vienna and the IVRPA Conference in Lisbon.

          Whatever the form Freddy and Heinz have in mind, a mini meeting, a workshop, or something else, it all requires at least some organisation and for this a local who knows a suited place in town to gather is the best person for the job.

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            I am just thinking of a mini meeting in the first sense to get to know each other and discuss our interest and share experience. And then let us see what comes up. Like in the Nikon Pros regional meetings may be we can look for a theme to talk about and somebody is presenting his workflow?

            I will be looking around for a place and let you know. Around march or so?



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              Originally posted by hindenhaag View Post
              ...I will be looking around for a place and let you know. Around march or so?...
              Hello Heinz, that sounds fine for me.



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                If you move forward on this let me know so we can post on the website. Maybe invite participation from Nodal Ninja resellers in NL.


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                  Originally posted by Bill Bailey View Post
                  .... Maybe invite participation from Nodal Ninja resellers in NL....
                  Hello Bill,

                  As far as I know Nodal Ninja has 2 resellers in the Netherlands (foto Konijnenberg,, they are not enthousiast panorama persons like VincÚn, Andrew and Mauro but companies who are selling thousands of products without any special interest in the making of panoramas.

                  In the recent past I have visited a panorama meeting where commercial people without an interest in panorama making had a big lead. It was annoying to find out that half of the meeting was in fact some kind of trade show and that is why I think it is best not to mix commerce and meetings to prevent bias in the sharing of knowledge, workflows, ideas, showing of panoramas etc.



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                    Great idear, I'am in. But i think panorama needs te be the subject not nodel ninja.


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                      Hi guys,

                      Thx for all the tips. When I know something more, I will let you know and of course I will set up information on panoguide too. Open for all people interested in panoramaphotography, no matter of using Nikon, Canon, Nodal Ninja, PTGui or anything else.



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                        Hello I am also Dutch and live in the east of the netherlands but why in the Hague, why not central in the netherlands for example amersfoort /utrecht Veenendaal/ etc
                        and i am a new nodal ninja 3 MKII user, so everything is new for me, and must learn a lot.


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                          Hi and welcome to the forum.

                          Because it is handsome for me to organize when it's in the town I know. Will be different things to do to get it ready.



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                            I follow this thread with great interest!

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