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Nodal Ninja Mini? Can you live without a zenith shot?

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  • Nodal Ninja Mini? Can you live without a zenith shot?

    Dear compact P&S users,

    Do you dream of a pano head much smaller than NN3, tailor made for compact P&S such as Canon S90/95, Panasonic LX2/3/5, Sigma DP1/2 etc? A size like this one?
    To make the pano head really compact, the vertical headroom will be limited. That means a zenith shot will not be possible when a converter lens is used. Can you live with that?
    For your info, the first Nodal Ninja, NN SPH-1, has limited vertical head room. Many customers found it a drawback. But that was when we had no bigger alternative. Do you like a P&S dedicated pano head as small as possible?

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    See my post at Panoguide:

    Also, if the rotator compression knob was underneath the horizontal arm, you would gain over a centimeter of clearance. And if you changed from using I beams to U beams, a few more millimeters.