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Oh heck -- new lens is too big for NN3...

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  • Oh heck -- new lens is too big for NN3...

    I got a new Panasonic wide angle adapter lens for my LX3 -- DMW-LW52. It's made for the LX3. It's not some weird combination of camera/lens. It's a completely stock system. And it's a big mamu.

    The diameter of the lens is greater than the distance between the tilt rail and the bottom of the lens. So I can't move the camera/lens back far enough to put the lens at it's no parallax point.

    My LX3 is on a T-II (see the other thread) and it still does not give enough clearance.

    Soooo..... A different Nodal Ninja head that uses lens rings won't work because it's not a fisheye. And I don't have that kind of money anyway.

    Soooo.... Any suggestions???? A 46-48mm lens ring would fit the adapter tube if there was a way to attach it to the tilt arm of my NN3. What's the ETA for lens rings for the NN3/NN5/NNXXX???

    I don't want to put anymore hardware underneath the camera. It's already unstable.

    I'd really like to use this lens. The camera has the image processing engine to make good images using this lens.


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    Let me make sure I understand your problem correctly. You mean the T-adapter is not thick enough to compensate for the huge diameter of your converter lens, right? I would recommend using a QR system to add to the "thickness".

    I have no schedule for developping affordable lens ring clamp for NN3/5 yet. Opportunity cost is too high at the moment.
    what is your budget? I can adapt a current lens ring for you. You need an Arca Style clamp too.

    We listen. We try harder.


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      Remember to check the total thickness of the system and the LRS will end up with. NN QR System - clamp and plate - will add 22 mm, Acra style clamp system will add 21mm. You have to add the thickness of the T-adaptor to this plus the height from bottom of camera body to middle of thee lens. H in wiki database. Last lower rail set is 70. This gives you room for 68mm from upper rail to rotation center = middle of your lens.

      Check if this is enough, otherwise you have to use NN5 with a longer lower rail.

      Hope it fits,
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        Maybe I had a bad night or maybe I've drunk to much coffee this morning but I have a wild idea. A way to convert the T-30 or T-20 into something like a lens ring device that might be easy to make.

        I've attached an image. There would be a flange in the bottom piece of nylon that would fit the existing slot in the T-XX and the long bolts would also go through the existing slot. There could be different height bottom pieces to raise the adapter tube different distances from the tilt arm on the NNXXX. Making the pieces from Nylon would reduce the scratching and possibly the expense of the device. It's just an idea...Click image for larger version

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          That is a clever idea! I guess polymorph can be used for this application as well.

          We listen. We try harder.


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            I was thinking CNC machined nylon. Some precision would be required to keep the optical axises parallel to the supporting arm on the NNXXX. Also, some sort of metal inserts for threaded holes would make the unit more durable.