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Sigma 4.5 mm lens usage and setting

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  • Sigma 4.5 mm lens usage and setting

    I did not find yet a thread discussing the sigma 4.5mm lens. I have been using this lens with various success and wonder if any of you can share. First the bad, I am not sure if my lens suffer from a flaw but any picture taken with an aperture lower than f8.0 is not sharp at all. The lens otherwise is doing well in the upper level, but obviously for interior shot you need stability. I do have a lots of problems with the sun particularly with my canon 20D infrared where I am at the point of shooting only when there is no sun. Using on my canon 7d I still have reflections and looking for some advice. The good, the lens is fairly forgiving, you can do panorama with only a regular monopod if you are carefull. I prefer using obviously a pano head and my choice so far has been to use nn180 for this lens with four stops. The obvious downside is that you can see the end of the bracket in all pictures (therefore requires editing). The ultimate will work best but budget wise I will stick with my NN5 and nn180 combination. . If any of you are using the same setting (Canon 7d_nn180_sigma4.5) could tell me what is your camera setting on the nn180. Happy pano
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