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    Hi all. I ave just purshased a second hand NN5 and already have the camera,tripod ect. Anone have any links or ideas where to start. I am completely new to pano photography but love landscapes. I have a few different lenses. Sigma 10-20mm, Pentax FA* 28-70mm, Pentax 100mm prime and a Pentax FA*80-200 f/2.8. What I a looking for is a few ideas on where to start and how to set up ets. I had planned on making a pano head but gave up on the idea and decided to do this properly. Any help appreciated.Thanks in advance.

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    Hi John,

    What camera do you have?


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      Hi John, welcome to the forum.

      I suppose the camera might be a Pentax? Anyway, giving us a bit more infos will get you on the road. We would like Camera, rotator infos, and do we have to set information from the real beginning? Andrew is used to Pentax.

      Some basic information on how to find your settings for NN5 set up:

      For general information:

      Sigma for narrow, may be crowded busy places or real estate. Asks min shots of your lens collection. Pentax 28mm to get higher resolution but asking a higher number of shots and a more quiet place. Landscape: P 100mm, or 80-200. I would start with the Sigma 10 -20 and work through the workflow.

      Most of us use PTGui Pro for stitching, Pano2VR or APP + FFC for Tours. Download a Trial.

      Basic set ups for your camera: Set WB, ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, Focus to manual. Start without bracketing shots. Just shoot without Zenith and Nadir to learn basics of software.

      I suppose this is enough info for the rest of your sunday.


      BTW: The European NN Distributors in UK and FRANCE seem to be early birds. Vincen and Andrew. As well on a sunday. Ready to answer questions inside the EU as well as for .Au.
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        I currently have a Pentax K10D and planning on upgading to the newly released K5 when available in Australia.


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          Thankyou Heinz , this should keep me reading until the NN5 turns up in the mail. I got the unit through the classifieds on this site from a guy in Perth. It is a NN5 with RD8 rotator. My camera is a Pentax K10D. I also plan to use a K5 when released in Australia and funds allocated by minister of finance.(my wife). I plan on mainly landscape work. Is it possible to use an ND filter and long exposures and stich together as panos.I like 10-30 second exposures on waterfalls etc. I mainly shoot in manual mode and set my camera up in the same way for my landscape shots so thats one thing I wont have to learn.Im not sure what zenith and Nadar is but sure I will find out as I progress.Thanks again and have to say that the inspiration from this site is welcoming.


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            Hi John,

            hmmm, you bought the set of Sealz..

            Just found data for your Pentax data. The LRS = Lower rail Setting should be 55. Start the hacksaw test described on the link I sent you. When the tooth of the saw cuts right, you have to move to the right looking through the viewfinder. When it cuts left, move to the left.

            Zenith is a shot taken at a pitch of +90, this means up to the sky. Nadir is taken -90 down, actually you shoot your tripod and what is below it. Then you have to open up the Nadir Adapter, move the tripod sideways for minimum double the distance Center Rotator to Pivot Point of Nadir Adapter. Take the second Nadir Shot. Move back the Nadir Adapter.

            When you assemble your new NN5, take the Nadir Adaptor and open it. Take a small coin and the vertical rail. The foot of the vertical rail has a long side and a short side. Place the long side to the opposite side of the fixing screw of the adapter and fix it with help of the coin. Now fix this to the lower rail of the rotator with the long side of the foot of vertical rail fixed to adapter to the center of the rotator. Ready to go.

            So long for today. Good luck.



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              Haha small world

              Yeap thats a me :)

              Kind of sad to see the NN5 go :(