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Canon 7D with Tok 10-17 @ 10mm or 5D @ 13mm?

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  • Canon 7D with Tok 10-17 @ 10mm or 5D @ 13mm?

    All my recent panos have been with my 5Dmk1 and the Tok typically at 13mm. Usually shoot 4 - 6 round at 0' and zenith and nadirs at +/- 90'.

    I've not tried my 7D yet but would I get better overall IQ with it? I'm also guessing that I could get away with the same shooting pattern or could anyone indicate likely settings?

    The 5D and 10 - 13mm means I can more or less do a full in 4 shots which is very nice for speed and busy scenes but if I try suitable subjects, will the 7D and extra shots bring better quality?



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    Tokina 10-17 on a full frame body should be shaved to get the best out of it.

    Different when it is not shaved.



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      I had it shaved two years ago :-)

      Don't like using it at 10mm on the 5D as you loose too much image, hence generally shooting at 13mm.

      I'm still not totally convinced on the 7D despite having put 20 or 30,000 frames on it since May. However this is talking from a sports point of view. Maybe it'll shine on panos?


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        MIke, I did this test panorama with the (unshaved) Tokina at 15mm on a 5DII. (6 around + Z + 2N and VPN). I specified the lens type in PTGui as circular and used a crop circle to cut off the corners of the images where the quality falls off a little. The result was really quite decent.



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          Cheers John

          I have also got a Siggy 15 f2.8 fish but haven't used it in yonks. Interesting to note you elected to specify a circular lens type. How many MP is that test pano? I usually go with 9000 wide.


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            Mike, 13880x6940 is the maximum pano size at 15mm. I down sized that to 8000x4000 for the final equirectangular image, and specified a cubic tile size of 1810 in Pano2VR.