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help making hdr panos..

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  • help making hdr panos..

    I was up in the mountains yesterday and I shot a ton of shots to make panoramas. It was a pretty bright day and to keep the mountains from getting washed out I shot bracketing on my d90, 3 shots, one at 0 and then +/- .7, 1.3 and sometimes 2. Now I have a huge load of images but im not sure how best to combine these into HDR panoramas...

    I stitched together a few taken at 0 EV and the stitch looks great so im assuming it would look really great with - EV, can anyone help?

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    Photomatix is a popular one - see:


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      Hm, I have photomatix but I was only using it for tone mapping, it can make the pano too?


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        PTgui will do some basic tone mapping. Myself I'll use Photomatix for all the HDR merging/tone mapping then process then stich images through PTGui and finally produce the movie output with Pano2VR. If you ant to create some cool pano effects take a look at flashificator as well -


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          You could use PTGui Pro >advanced > HDR function with exposure fusion only. Real HDR is not the best part of PTGui for me. Most of the time you already get a good result. If you are not happy with it, you could import the single blended panoramas to Photomatix Pro afterwards.

          Second workflow: import the single shots of one exposure to Photomatix first and then stitch in PtGui afterwards. I use the first one for me personally.

          Besides Photomatix there is a new version by



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            Well, in the stitched result of the 0 EV the ground is exposed but the mountains and snow appear a bit washed out, same with the trees in the far away mountains. A lot of that detail is available in the - EV shots.. So I can just take each bracket shot through photomatix and if i dont change the settings I will be able to get a seamless stitch? I was wondering if doing it that way would expose each bracket differently and then it would just look like a bunch of differently exposed photos stitched together..

            I was also wondering how you guys print and frame your panos? When I chose the option in PTGui to output with full quality the result was a 1.8GB .tiff that was 32010 pixels by 7609 pixels, at 300 ppi thats like 106 inches wide, which would be sweet because I have a huge wall I want to cover.. (I had PTGui output a shrinked down version and uploaded it here: , the 1.8GB one is "Artist Point")

            I'd like to tack another question on here, I started batch processing my jpegs in photomatix and I told it to output in 16-bit tiff because I figured it would be better than 8-bit jpeg, I noticed it also gives me a file ending with HDRI.hdr, should I be doing anything with this file?
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