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Sets of pictures for fisheye lens comparison on Nikon D90, D300s, D700 to play around

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  • Sets of pictures for fisheye lens comparison on Nikon D90, D300s, D700 to play around


    because of a lot of questions on forums I decided to set up sets of pictures for different fisheye lenses and Nikon bodies.

    Bodies used are D90, D300s, D700.

    Fisheye lenses used are Nikkor 10.5 (shaved) , Sigma 8 mm/f3.5, Samyang 8mm/f3.5 (shaved) and Nikkor 16mm

    The shots are taken at 0, +5, +7.5 - R1 settings - , 2x +60 for horizon connection, Zenith, 2 Nadir shots with nadir adaptor. Jpeg and RAW. Straight from the camera.

    So those who like to play around may correct CA, stitch, add Zenith and nadir by masking, try different
    pitch settings to experiment with the quality of the zenith without an extra zenith shot for use with R1 for example.

    For newbies, walking through control points set automatically in PTGui to learn about stitching errors related to missing CP not being placed in important areas Cp being set automatically. Plus at the end, trying to set up a template with my sets which at the end have to be revised with their own camera lens combinations.

    But I feel, it might give some help to avoid frustration with the first fisheye panos using a "raw template'.

    Download will take its time, because of Raw data included. Each camera set around 1.5 to 2 GB.

    I still did not succeed with D300s to upload, still got errors 100 after hours of uploading.

    But I will try again, don't worry.

    So at least, feel free to play around, take it or leave it.

    BTW: ISO 200 f8


    If there is a question to split the map of a camera body to single lenses to reduce the time of download, I might think about to do it.
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    Thanks Heinz - great work!


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      thanks so much heinz, i've been wanting to have a look at 16mm nef files on D700, many thanks :)

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        Thx a lot for your comments Andrew and Sam,

        Because I had problems with uploading getting a lot errors 100 from apple - per accident I deleted D90 segment, shit happens - I decided to go through the time to make a new setup. I just set up different maps for camera bodies, so when upload is ready, you can choose in a single body to just upload the lens you are interested in.

        Orange spots are laser placed, besides those on the ground, so I personally feel this is a place to set up templates for my camera lens combination. A set up to compare, play around, for others to set up a basic template for their own combi. Or just for info.

        So it will take some time to upload the different maps, I will try hard.



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          Hi guys,

          split up files for D90, D300s. D700 will follow, download for the whole section is already placed in the thread below.

          D300s: 10.5, Sigma 8, Samyang 8, 16mm

          D90: 10.5. Sigma 8, Samyang 8, 16mm

          Splits D700 will follow.

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            Wow Heinz!

            You have put a lot of work into this.
            Interesting choice of subject?

            Best regards, Hugh,


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              Hi Hugh,

              Thx. This is to give people a chance, to play around with a small set of pics to stitch, Jpeg or RAW, set up a "pre template" with this set, to stitch at R1 settings with +5 and +7.5, by this you can check the quality of zenith area at these settings, to stitch at 0 plus one shot at +60 instead of a zenith to get horizon connection, for newbies who like to decide what lens to see the differences, and may be they like to play around while waiting for ordered equipment and testing software trial versions.

              I have chosen this room cause I could easily place dots on laser lines in vertical and horizontal to step into the corner of the fisheye lenses for better templates.

              A lot of discussions in several forums, which lens, FX DX, shaved lenses on FX etc.

              That's why. To try to give people help for decision. Difference in resolution, but difference in more shots, 4/6/8, and the difference in amount of time to finish a panorama. Cheap lens, Samyang to Sigma 8mm etc.

              So I think, this might be nice info for a rainy day.

              Best regards,



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                first splits for D700 for single lenses: Nikkor 10.5 shaved, Sigma 8mm/f3.5, Samyang 8mm/f3.5


                Nikkor 16mm will follow.




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                  Now, the last one which is missing: D700 nikkor 16mm




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                    Sorry coming back again on this topic:

                    complete section:


                    and may be you have some fun with this on a rainy day, helps to look through the clouds?

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