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Yongnuo live view remotes ?

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  • Yongnuo live view remotes ?

    Has anyone tried a Yongnuo live view wired remote. They seem to have fits for many cameras with live view capability.
    It looks like they might be suitable for pole panos.
    The standard cable is only 1.95 meters but may be this could be extended?

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    Re: Yongnuo live view remotes ?


    try here but this is better, have tried both, quality on the photix is much higher but it costs a lot more!



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      Re: Yongnuo live view remotes ?


      Had a wireless remote from Yongnuo and the handpeace relaese knob failed after around 1200 shots.

      Have a look to this midprice range product:

      Why do you want to use a wired one? safety reasons?

      When you want to expand the cable, just cut it into peaces, and put one in between by adding cables colour to colour and add conncetions from electronic shops to extend your cable. To be safe mark one side of the cable before cutting, like audio cables are marked with a grey strip on one side.



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        just to confirm I purchased the phottix hector for a snip off, works great on my E620, I have now coupled this with a power panner tilt 360 again off ebay . I made up a longer lead for the phottix and got it to work over 10 metres, both this and the panner sit on top of a manfrotto giant tripod which elevates to 8 metres and gives me good results. The lead is easy to make for the olympus just one plug and 8 wires although only 7 are needed. I ordered a spare lead for the panner which i adapted for the phottix as it has 7 wires and runs on din plugs.