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  • Great new Tool!

    Alright, I am pretty happy about my latest purchase!
    I just bought the expodisc 77mm for a very easy solution to white balancing the shot.
    Just curious if anyone else has got one and what their experience has been?

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    Re: Great new Tool!


    I suppose you have bought the normal one, not the bit softer one for portraits.

    I like to use it in tricky light conditions, indoors with normal lamps, halogen spots, a lot of windows, daylight reflections in mirrors, all together. This is something we do not like.

    Some points we have to think about using the expodisc:

    - the camera needs the ability to take a "Pre" set of the white balance like D300s, D3 for example.

    - buy the disk for the biggest diameter of all the lenses you own, it will click to the biggest lens without the need to hold it. But you can use it for all smaller lenses by holding it manually. You do not have to buy one for each lens. Costs you
    a fortune - around 100 each.

    - Taking the "Pre" with a 16mm nikkor with the lens hood, or other fisheye lenses with big curvature of the front lens, it will be tricky to close all the gaps in between the lens hood and the disk. You have to train to close the gaps by hand,
    which is possible, or you take an extra shot in the beginning with a normal lens with a GPS instead of the remote control on top of you camera.

    - Next important thing is you have to take your "Pre" from the position you are shooting to. You want to use the situation of incoming information at the position of the flower pot you are shooting to, not the position you are shooting the

    - Next question, I am shooting around, where do I take the "Pre"? A lot of threads about this theme on different forums.

    Anyway, I always take it with me in my box, in case...

    I adore the set up from expodisc compared to fixed WB's of the camera. Even to a "Pre" with and without Expodisc.

    I think we might get a lot of answers from "purists". This is not the workflow for Pro's to step to professional printing. Then you have to use white and grey cards, in extreme situations on every single shot of your pano when the situation is very complicated, I like to use ColorChecker Passport from X-Rite. Just an extra shot for pure situation.

    If you like to get a deeper knowledge about your nice expodisc, take your time to shoot in different situations using your camera's WB presets, with and without expos disc. And the Cameras own "Pre".

    I have done this. I feel happier with a pic without this bloody cold blue of Tungsten in one part of a pano and expodisc is adding some "warm light" as well which is around.

    Sorry this is a bit longer,

    But I feel it's worth the time to avoid mistakes.




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      Re: Great new Tool!

      I have never been that bothered about the white balance in camera.
      I tend to set it as I process the raw files.
      In mixed light there is no correct setting... Just the one you prefer.
      Much the same is true between the shadow areas, lit by the sky, and strong sunlight.


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        Re: Great new Tool!

        Excellent advice and tips! Thank you That is why I wanted to bring this up.

        I did go with the bigger expodisc 77mm to fit all my lenses and have found that with indoor wacky lighting as mentioned it works very well.

        For me and my workflow I am pleased! Thanks again for the detailed thoughts and experience!! This forum is really great.