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  • Begginer

    Hi guys, I am just getting in love with 360 panoramic and I am thinking on buying a nn 3 mkii.
    As all beginners, I am trying to understand and principles before I buy it.
    I do not know if you guys have a begginer section (it should have if not) but I could not find it.

    My question are: which NN to buy? (I have a canon 450, no grip).
    How is the post production? I want to be able to put the pictures on a player and explore the 360. Can you guys explain to me how this work?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Begginer

    for 450D, you are going to buy
    1. sigma 8mm F3.5, or
    2, Samyang 8mm, or
    3. Tokina 10-17mm, or
    4 sigma 10mm

    You are going to use Ptgui as the sticther, and pano2vr for publishing the panos.

    Lots of tutorials, here are some;jses...5116D274297074

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      Re: Begginer

      Also check out AutoPano Pro and AutoPano Giga for the stitching software.


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        Re: Begginer

        Originally posted by badders View Post
        Also check out AutoPano Pro and AutoPano Giga for the stitching software.
        And AutoPano Tour included with AutoPano Giga that allows you to publish easily your panoramas and build virtual visits to publish on Internet
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          Re: Begginer

          The above being said... I have to point towards my own Flashificator along with FPP

          And an additional tool for FPP users has been released a few days ago... looking like this:

          Of course with a link leading back to NN... since NN has the best hardware available.

          FPP is for hand coders while my addon FFC (Flashificator) is for people who just want to click their mouse to do what they need to do.
          Pano Cocoon is a security add on... the best security suite in the panoramic world, usable (and used) by both hand coders and gui users. It requires only a few clicks with the mouse to make the projects better protected than Fort Knox ever was.

          Making an interlinked 30+ pano tour with FFC, doesn't have to take more than a few minutes. This one: took me 15 minutes to make, including the photoshop work for the green themed graphics... 10 minutes in PS... 5 minutes for the tour. That was all there was needed.