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Help with Canon 70-200

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  • Help with Canon 70-200

    Hi I recently purchased the Ninja 5 and I love it. Just getting into panos and gigapixel images.

    I want to use my Canon 70-200 IS 2.8 with my Ninja 5 but I'm not sure if it can be done. I see
    some info in this forum but I am still a little confused. I am using a Canon 5D. Also does anyone
    know what the NNP would be for this setup.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.



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    Re: Help with Canon 70-200

    Hi and at first point feel welcome,

    you have chosen for a tricky dick. I work with D3 and 70-200/f2.8 on the NN5. I suppose your lens is similar to my combination.

    Stepping beyond or around zoom 135mm, many other lenses as well, so the 70-200mm ask from 135mm onwards the upper rail to be turned forward.

    The nikkor settings are as follows: zoom 70 urs 52, 80 - 41, now upper rail turned forward, 105 - 44, 135 - 66, 200 - 135.

    Have in mind, that for zoom 200 the entrance pupil ( to John) might be positioned behind the sensor plane, for the nikkor around -5.5mm.

    If you like I can send you pictures from the nikon set up. Zoom 200 needs 5, 72 stops with dual detend plunger settings, so you are happy with you NN5. Till now I did not see a request for you combination, but may be I missed it. It will take more then 10 rows for a spherical panorama. May be you find an answers with the "GIGA-Forum-Guys". I will have a look to my bookmarks list and try to send the links this evening.

    BTW. You have to use the tripod mount from the lens. The nikkor has two of them, one closer to the camera. This is the one I used for my settings.




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      Re: Help with Canon 70-200

      Thanks Heinz I appreciate all of your help.

      If you could send me the pictures of your setup that would be great. My email is

      Thanks again.



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        Re: Help with Canon 70-200


        I'v mailed the pictures of the setup.

        Some of my bookmarks about "Gigapixel".