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iPhone / iPad Pano Viewer?

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    Re: iPhone / iPad Pano Viewer?

    Originally posted by Vincèn View Post
    And they prevent you to see it if you don't use Safari unless other browsers support HTML5 :-\ Looks like Apple is going more and more Microsoft's way to develop its "own" standards
    exactly. this is damn irritating!


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      Re: iPhone / iPad Pano Viewer?

      Originally posted by KG View Post
      Oh well, I am not here to defend Apple, but there are no browsers yet that have the latest html5 technology built in.
      To view the VR demo, the browser must be capable to process CSS 3D Transforms, and currently Safari is the only browser that can do that.
      If you take for instance Google's Chrome to this page: you can see what is currently supported in Chrome and what not.

      But the question here was: Is there a non-Flash tool for the iPhone/Pad and the answer is: yes, I found another one, which seems to be working without having to pay for a special program to create it.
      I am currently digging trough the code (together with a friend who is more capable in this sort of thing than I am) to see if it is easy to implement on a site. It looks promising.
      Hi Kg

      Just picked up on this post. What exactly was it that you found to create this I/phone/pad pano? Sorry if I have missed something.



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        Re: iPhone / iPad Pano Viewer?

        Anyone using krpano? You can create a flash pano and an javascript version from the same equi-rectangular file. If you view the pano from an iDevice you get the javascript version, and if you view it from a device that can use flash you get the flash version. You can see examples here and here

        Yes it is limited but you know that will change soon.

        Try visiting these links both on a computer and an iPhone or iPad



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          Re: iPhone / iPad Pano Viewer?

          Originally posted by jmeberg View Post
          Yes it is limited but you know that will change soon.
          Yes for now it only displays individual panoramas, but soon it should be able to manage regular virtual tours as the flash version

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            Originally posted by Vincèn View Post
            Why still use QTVR that is obsolete ? all the more QTVR is really slow on Snow Leopard, so I think everyone else (out of iPhone/iPad should get Flash version

            i agree. All to abandon QT for good. use Flash or others like PangeaVR for iPhone/ iPad.


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              There's an app called iPano which works on any iDevice. It let's you keep a portfolio of your panos and it uses the gyroscopes. Best viewer app by far!


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                Hi and welcome to the forum,

                Thx for sharing. I had a look to it, I suppose you mean the App for Ipod/Iphone from watersoft. Cause there is a showing Panos.


                This is a link for everyone who might be interested. I know there are a lot of discussions about Ipod/Iphone connection cause the rare policy of Apple!. A lot of people are interested in this.

                I am an apple fan, but this is a point I do not understand Apple's policy. For me the product speaks on its own. Without setting up new barriers.

                I think this is the right link to buy it:

                You have to test it on your own guys, cause I do not have an Iphone/Ipad - no need - cause I do not like to be forced to make contracts with preselected mobile companies for years. I like to select one on my own. Besides this I use and like apple hardware.

                Anyway, this might be a good app to solve some miracles. Thx again.

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                  Hi and welcome to the forum,

                  thx for sharing. I had a look to it, I suppose you mean the App for Ipod/Iphone from watersoft. Cause there is a showing panos.



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                    Created this 4 June 2011. Click the pano thumbnail. It is designed for iPhone 4, iPad 2 (bought this yesterday for testing) and for everyone else it falls back to Flash 9/10 viewer installed on their devices.

                    Developed this using Pano2VR Pro 3.0 using the html5/ CSS3 option. This is the first time using the html5/css3 feature.


                    I know this works on our new iPad 2 32gb device. Our internal lan network is 802.11n and our outbound internet connection is 6 gbps. Image quality is a bit soft but that is because the original pano is not over sharpened.

                    I have not yet received any constructive email comments from iPhone or iPad visitors. [ texas360 at swbell dot net ]

                    Now I will try tweaking cube face sizes and compressions to see if I can make some improvements in view experiences.

                    [skype iam360texas ]
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                      Today 9 Jun 11 we have increased the cube face size for the 2 images... Hotel and Aerial. Image appears sharper but hopefully not oversharpened.

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                        12June 2011
                        When visiting

                        I have marked each of the panorama nadir tiles to show what cubeface/tile size is being delivered to your device. Tilt down and read the text in the nadir.

                        I would be helpful is you could post here in forum your platform MAC or PC OS/ browser version/ Flash plug-in version
                        If you see no text you are using Flash. Otherwise you will see html5/css3 xxx pixel wide. The value is the width of your cubeface/Tile being delivered to your device.

                        PC MS Vista SP2:
                        IE 9 Adobe Flash - No Text visible No black or gray tile while loading
                        FireFox 4.0.1 Adobe Flash No Text visible - noticed grey tile cubeface preview before full loading. Reloads fast from browser cache - gray tile not noticable

                        Safari 5.0.2 (7533.18.5) I guess its using html5 because I read - "html5/css5 1300 pixels wide" noticed black cubeface tiling before full loading. Reloads fast from browser cache - gray tile not noticable

                        Note: Zoom in/out works properly for IE9, Firefox, Safari Desktops Browsers. I used [x] inverse mouse wheel on PC Dell wired mouse. Please know this: I have deliberately set the zoom in/out and FOV to very small zoom distance. This prevents the visitor zoom in full to pixelation and zoom out to see all barrel distortion.

                        iPad 2 Safari and it reads "html5/css3 960 pixels wide" which of course is the tile/cubeface 960x960 pixels. noticed black cubeface tiling before full loading. Reloads fast from browser cache - black cubeface/tile not noticable

                        Do not have mobile phone with internet connection or android phones or tablets.
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                          iPad Pano Viewers - full gyro implementation like in iPano is a game changer

                          I too wish that Flash was supported on these devices but considering the size of our group, what we say or think about standards won't even be noticed much less responded to by Apple. Complaining here about the lack of Flash support on iPhones and iPads is a waste of energy. The reality is, they are very popular devices and for us to be able to display our work on them, we need to find solutions that work within their constraints.

                          That said, I just tried out the iPano app that sphericalMiracle and Hindenhaag referenced above, and so far it is the best implementation I have seen so far. The fact that it fully uses the gyro feature is a huge deal. What it means is that, rather than using your finger to direct where to look, you just point the iPad in the direction you want to look. Like a window frame you hold to look in any direction you want to see. An added benefit is that the screen motion matches your movement naturally so there is none of the vertigo that goes along with the finger pointing method. This puts the VR back into 360 panoramas. I showed this to my 85-year-old mother last night and without a word of explanation, she understood the paradigm. (She still doesn't quite get or like the 360s on the computer screen).

                          Up to now I had been using PangeaVR but this is a game changer. This just reenergized my desire to get out take some 360s.


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                            If you are using KRPano and have an iPhone4 or iPad2 you could make panos for iDevices that are capable of using the gyros when the iDevice have them.
                            For this KRPano is using one of Aldo Hoeben's plugins.
                            Pano2VR is not capable of using the gyros yet but I expect that it will be very soon.

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                              I created a viewer from iPhone and iPad! You only need to save the equirectangular image into your photo gallery and open the app... it detects the panoramas automatically. You can also use the iPhone gyroscope to view the panorama. I'm a long term panoramic photographer and I was looking for a great viewer... so I ended up making one for myself which is now available on the app store:


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                                I use Pano2VR to generate both Flash and HTML5 multires code for viewing on PCs, MAC, Android and IOS devices all in one project file. Full gyroscope support.
                                All you need is an internet browser to view the panos.