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New memory cards Sandisk Extreme Pro 90mb/sec 32GB 64GB

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  • New memory cards Sandisk Extreme Pro 90mb/sec 32GB 64GB

    Might be this is interesting:

    I already tested the Sandisk Extreme Pro 32 GB 90mb/sec on the Nikon D3. Against some rumours on the net it is working fine. Since yesterday there is a firmware update for the D3 to be able to take 64GB as well.

    Using Nikon transfer you have to wait a time until the green light on the camera body stops blinking before you will have a reaction of nikon transfer recognizing the camera and displaying the pictures.

    Doing lens comparison on spherical panoramas with bracketing 3 and 5 it showed a difference in time saving the pictures to the card compared to my old Extreme IV 40mb/sec. First i did not run so often in a buffer overflow shooting in CL mode with Raw and Jpeg, plus i could take 902 shots without having to change my memory card and the card was not full. Though i know i will loose a lot of data when something goes wrong, i feel it is a good memory card for taking Giga pixel panos, HDRI, and kite surfing pictures in CH mode in summer with enough room to go on shooting without changing memory cards on a sandy beach or loosing a pano cause of quick changings in the sight.

    May be someone likes the information.