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Setting the starting point for rotation.

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  • Setting the starting point for rotation.

    Just about all tripod heads rotate from the bottom section. However this means that it is not a good idea to alter this setting once you have levelled up, or you will need to level your NN again.

    I often find it necessary to accurately set my starting point for rotation, to achieve the minimum number of shots, or to adjust where the seams will come especially in subjects with moving parts.

    In days gone by it was easy to purchase rotating sub-bases. I think the time has come with Pano-photography, when such a part is again necessary.

    I think that the rotating part on a ball head is in the wrong place... If it was on the top, it would rotate in a levelled plane. As it is it always revolves on a canted angle.

    I do not use a head between the legs and the NN ... so I am unable to separately rotate anyway.... I know you can start anywhere between detents but then your end or important seams can end up anywhere.

    Nick it would be good if you could think about making a thin lockable but adjustable rotator, that matches the NN range; either for use on top of a levelling head or directly on the legs.

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    Re: Setting the starting point for rotation.

    Has any one see a manfrotto627 rotator.?
    The details they give are abysmal...
    they do not give size or weight nor if the rotation can be locked.
    Most of their stuff is tough but rather basic. Their Gitzo brand is much better made but pricey.


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      Re: Setting the starting point for rotation.

      Hi Terry,

      I the production model of Rotator D3L, this function will included. We may develop QR system with this rotating function in the future.

      We listen. We try harder.