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    HDR...... Ok I bracket my images and align them with Photomatix. Then when I have the set of HDR images I stitch them in PTQui....all's good. Then I do the Pano2VR 360 and the final result is ...err Ok. But what other ways can I do HDR to get better quality? Make an HDR image directly after the PTQui stitch or is there a way in PTQui? I can't seem to understand what the HDR facility in PTQui does?

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    Re: HDR

    you should take the resulting HDR panorama back into photomatix for tonemapping after stitching in PTGUI, getting good results tonemapping HDR panoramas takes practice, you can find some tutorials on these sites -

    also have a look at photomatix exposure fusion option or one of the various free enfuse GUIs like enfuseGUI

    either way the results from tonemapping or enfusing usually benefit from a bit of time in lightroom or photoshop before rendering the final pano

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